What is the Ideal Time for a Wedding?

Apart from choosing the date of your wedding, another important thing that you (and your partner) have to decide on is the time of the celebration.  The event can happen anytime you want: morning, afternoon, evening, or even all day. Just do take note that each option has its own pros and cons, and can have an effect on the feel of the wedding, as well as your budget.

Wedding and event planners in Colorado share of the pros and cons, as well as the things you can expect from your chosen time of the celebration:


Late afternoon or evening is one of the most popular choices for wedding time. This lets you take advantage of different lighting options, especially in transforming the space and concealing some flaws in the reception. This is not possible in broad daylight, as candles, chandeliers, and special lighting don’t produce any impact when the sun is out and shining bright.

When it comes to costs, this is more expensive than an afternoon event. The cost may depend on whether you’ll have a buffet, catering, or formal sit-down dinner. You may feel the need to throw a party after the ceremony or hire a live band or a DJ to entertain the guests. Also, you shouldn’t forget about having a chill out area for those who’d prefer to sit and talk with each other.

Do take note that some guests may also wish to go home earlier or before the whole celebration is over. This earlier departure can make the entire event appear shorter. There is also a possibility that a late reception may make you a bit exhausted for some intimacy at night.


With an afternoon wedding, you start the event at around 1 P.M. or 2 P.M. and end it about 6 or 7 in the evening. This can be an ideal choice if you have a tight budget, as the entire celebration is cut shorter. Moreover, you won’t have to serve heavy or full meals and guests are also likely to drink less alcoholic beverages than they would at an evening or late reception.

One downside is that wedding vendors (including the bands/DJs, venue, florists, photographers) might have to charge more, as they cannot take another event after your celebration. They will have to book the entire day for you and you cannot expect price breaks on all aspects of the event, mainly because of the challenges associated with an afternoon wedding.


Just got married in the morningDaytime is the least popular choice and probably the most affordable wedding time of the three. This is because having a brunch or lunch is less expensive than a dinner and wedding vendors are much likely to offer discounts. You can also wrap the celebration earlier and have a relaxing time with your new spouse later in the day.

Just do take note that an early reception may not make some guests feel like or ready to dance or party. You will also have to wake up early to set everything up and do your hair and makeup. Your guests will also have to do the same to make it in time to your wedding.

Each choice has its pros and cons, and you (and your spouse) have the final say about your wedding time. You can also choose to have an all-day celebration, but keep in mind that this can be expensive. It is best to talk to a wedding or event planner to make an informed decision.

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