Are you curious about braces and how they work? Patients wear braces for straight teeth. The braces work gradually over time, using pressure to push the teeth into place. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail. Using Braces for Straight Teeth The process starts with a consultation and evaluation. Your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist who

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So, you’ve just gotten dental implants and are ready to show your beautiful smile to the world. Before you go ahead, there are a few crucial points to consider things you should never do. The YouTube video explores several points, and this article highlights several more. Don’t Do These Things After Dental Implants You should avoid smoking after surgery as

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traveling with dog

Traveling with Your Pets Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Airlines and countries haven’t always made it easier for our furry friends to travel. It took us a while before we were able to find an airline that accepts our dog in the cabin. So, what happens now with Covid-19 still threatening people, businesses, and governments? It hasn’t always been

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Doing Yoga

Scoliosis Home Workouts: 8 Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Core

If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis and have been going through several sessions of non-surgical scoliosis correction, you might want to try out these exercises at home. The following exercises support your scoliosis treatment program by helping you strengthen your core and improving your posture and balance. 8 Exercises

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Think out of the box, live in the moment!

Hi, I’m Iggy Sunday. I am a florist, a fashion design and interior design enthusiast, and mom to an adorable shih tzu puppy. I am in love with all things beautiful, and that’s mostly what I write about. Here, you will find fun, informative articles about fashion, beauty, fitness, home interiors, and even pet care.

As you may have already guessed, this blog began as a space for self-expression. I like making beautiful things and sharing them to other people. From a personal blog that contained mainly anecdotes, I have opened my world to more people, and now it contains works by other like-minded writers as well as collaborations with amazing artists.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you find something that will encourage you to think out of the box and live in the moment.

Here’s to loving life, appreciating the small stuff, and creating your own happiness!