How Do Braces Work?

Are you curious about braces and how they work? Patients wear braces for straight teeth. The braces work gradually over time, using pressure to push the teeth into place. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail.

Using Braces for Straight Teeth

The process starts with a consultation and evaluation. Your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist who will assess your teeth using X-rays, photographs, and impressions to determine the best procedure for your dental concerns.

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There may be a preparation stage. The dentist may need to remove overcrowded teeth to ensure proper alignment using the braces.

The braces consist of brackets, bands, and wires. Brackets are bonded to teeth using an adhesive, and the orthodontist threads the wire through the brackets. In addition, there are periodic adjustments. These adjustments may happen once a month, every two months, or longer.

The duration of the braces depends on your case. In some cases, you may only need to wear the braces for six months, while in more severe cases, the patient may need to wear the braces for up to 24 months. Braces require meticulous oral hygiene to prevent food from getting stuck between the brackets and wires.

Braces help to pull teeth into their proper position. It’s achieved through controlled pressure over time. The duration of the braces depends on the severity of the case.


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