Items Required to Set Up a Smoothie Shop

With more people increasingly becoming aware of the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption, it’s not a wonder to find entrepreneurs launching their own juice bars or smoothie shops. Thankfully, running a smoothie shop doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. You need only a little capital to purchase a few ingredients and appliances such as commercial blenders, juicers, ice machines, coolers, prep tools, and sinks to bring in consistent profits. If you’re contemplating launching a juice or smoothie bar, here are a few items that you’ll need:

Fridge or Coolers

Smoothie stands and juice shops will often harbour a wide range of perishable products such as fruits and vegetables, which necessitates investing in coolers to maintain the appropriate temperatures. The majority of businesses rely on undercounter refrigeration, which facilitates expedient service. However, a large establishment will require walk-ins and huge refrigerators to cater to the enormous volume of customers.

Prep Equipment

Since you’ll be utilising fresh fruits, vegetables, and mixes, you will want to invest in the proper tools for the job. Such include high-quality peelers, sharp knives, measuring cups, scoops, spoons, cutting boards, and portion scales. Having sharp, reliable knives is essential as a dull knife is not only slow but also unsafe. Investing in high-quality tools will go a long way in facilitating expediency and quality control.


commercial sink

Running a successful juice bar also entails installing a functional sink; large sinks will come in handy when looking to keep the operation area spotless and germ-free. If you’re contemplating utilising reusable glassware, a standard three-compartment sink, particularly one with large drainboards, will suffice. This will go a long way in expediting the glass washing procedure. A sink is an essential component of a smoothie shop, whether you’ll be serving the drinks in disposable cups. This is because you’ll need to clean up the prep utensils in addition to rinsing the food products.

Blenders and Juicers

These are arguably the heart of any smoothie shop or juice bar. An immersion blender will come in handy when looking to break down larger fruits and tough ingredients that don’t blend easily. Besides the blender, you will require a heavy-duty juicer for breaking down fruits with tough skins. A commercial centrifugal juicer could be the one thing you need to eradicate the worry of inadvertently including an inedible seed in a customer’s juice. This device spins at a high-speed motion to ensure that the ingredients shoved down the chute are efficiently ground to a fine pulp.

Ice Machines

Making delicious, refreshing smoothies and juices require plenty of ice, preferably flaked as opposed to cubes. Therefore, it pays to purchase a high-production ice machine for replenishing the supply of frozen drinks during the operation. Most small shops will operate seamlessly with undercounter ice makers, while larger establishments might need multiple machines.

A lot of people are currently striving to eat healthier food, which involves including more fresh fruits and veggies in their diet. Therefore, it’s an excellent business idea to open a juice bar or smoothie shop that promises to attract numerous health-conscious customers. However, before forging ahead to launch this business, it’s imperative to obtain the appropriate tools and equipment. Commercial blenders, fruit juicers, ice machines, prep equipment, and refrigerators are some of the items that will allow you to fulfil your customers’ orders with ease.

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