What are the Popular Days for an Engagement?

The Best Location for an EngagementThe most popular time for an engagement seems to be the period between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, with 40% of proposals happening on these days based on an analysis.

You should expect prices of jewelry to increase since demand is likely higher during this time. AAA Jewelers explains that if you live in Utah, jewelers in Salt Lake City may offer discounts or bargain deals for the holidays. Some people, however, buy precious items after a holiday sale out of anticipation that stores will lower prices after the Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Ideal Budget

When it comes to your budget, the proverbial rule of spending three monthly salaries on a ring is no longer applicable. In fact, a survey showed that you should only spend below $3,000 based on the opinion from 51% of the respondents.

This perception is perhaps the most noticeable among millennials, who are unlikely to splurge on a valuable item given that most of them still struggle with student debts. Other than the budget, there are other factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

When and where to propose

Jewelry as an Investment

Those who are unsure if their partners would like their choice of a ring should just know about the other’s taste. For instance, you could choose platinum ring if your future spouse likes silver jewelry. You could ask the jeweler to add a diamond stone, as you may get a better deal instead of buying a pre-set ring.

Choosing diamonds would then require you to research on the four Cs, which are the carat weight, cut, color and clarity. If it’s too expensive, there are other precious stones, such as moissanite rings, which resemble diamonds without the hefty price.

You shouldn’t feel compelled to pop the question during the most popular time for engagements. By doing so, you could even save money from buying higher-priced items that may be cheap during the off-peak season. But if your budget permits, these occasions are perfect for a wonderful wedding proposal.

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