Bespoke Jewelry: Five Pieces that Are Better When Customized

A customized piece of jewelry is an excellent investment piece because it’s something that speaks of your style and aesthetic ideal. They are a form of personal expression that is unique and specifically made based on your preference and individual design.

Many jewelry stores offer customization and personalization, but not all of them could customize all the jewelry pieces below. Some of them specialize in rings, but often they specialize in materials and processes. Engraving is often the most popular customization, but there are jewelry stores that make bespoke jewelry pieces from scratch.

The following jewelry pieces could all be customized to suit your preferences, but you need to look for the right jewelry place that could help you create the jewelry piece that suits your aesthetic ideals.


The most popular custom-made pieces in many specialty jewelry stores in Utah are diamond rings. You can choose from a range of settings, bands, and even the cut of the stone to make your wedding or engagement rings uniquely yours. There are many different stones and materials that you could use for a custom-made ring, including wood, steel, and even bone.


Earrings are perhaps the second most popular jewelry item to be custom-made. The clients often design bespoke earrings; they even choose the materials and color of their design. It is up to the craftsman to follow the design. The clients could also choose the materials, but often the most popular are silver, steel, and gold-plated earrings. Customers could also have their names, initials, and dates engraved too.



This is especially easy to customize as there are plenty of ways to make a necklace special. You can have the necklace chain customized along with the pendant, or you can ask for only the pendant to be customized. You can make a necklace charm which makes an excellent piece to hand down. Other necklace styles include names, initials, or unique lockets with your engraved names. The name necklace can be designed with stones, and the ID style can be engraved with a handwritten name of the wearer. Other ways to customize a necklace is to combine different styles of chains to create a unique single-chain style or a layered style and adjusting the chain to one’s desired length.


ID bracelets are popular options for men and women alike. A simple ID bracelet would offer a simple name engraving, but a bracelet is highly customizable from the material, the style, to the length. You can also make charm bracelets, where you can choose unique charms and beads that signify important things, memories, and events in your life. This makes the perfect memory piece to give yourself or for that special loved one.

Jewelry pieces are not mere decoration. They have become symbols and mementoes of the special moments and people in our lives. If you are looking to create your piece, consider having any or all these five pieces made to your design that reflects your style your memories.

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