Design Types for Headboards

There are different aspects to consider when furnishing your bedroom. One of the most critical elements is the bed since this covers the largest area in the room. With the bed comes different decisions including the mattress, frame, pillows, bedclothes, and headboard.

Most people think little of their bed’s headboards, but this proves a fatal mistake. They soon realize the headboard they chose is not so comfortable and in fact dampens the overall look of their bedroom.

The design of the headboard you pick at a mattress store — 2 Brothers Mattress in Salt Lake City, for example — is the primary determinant of its look and your comfort. You will have a broad design range option to select from in the store.

The following guide will hopefully ease the selection of the headboard that suits your needs.

Panel Headboard

This design is made up of multiple sections which span the length and width of the headboard. Panel headboards generally comprise two or three equally sized panels. They complement bedrooms with Venetian windows and many geometric shapes.

Panels that are horizontally oriented will make your bedroom appear wide while those with vertical panels make the room’s ceiling look high. Panel headboards are hence generally used for small or low-ceiling bedrooms.

Slat Headboard

This is made from metal or wood and comprises vertical slat spindles. The spindles have classic lines and come in various colors. They can also be arranged in different ways to create your desired effect. Like the paneled headboards, slat headboards create different illusions of bedroom space depending on their arrangement.

Four-Poster Headboard

This is the ideal pick for homeowners who want the headboard to be the primary design feature of their home. It complements a bedroom with ample space but no flashy décor since it lends the space a bold look.

Although essentially traditional, four-poster headboards now have modern updates like contemporary materials such as brushed steel and sleek lines. They can hence also be used for bedrooms with a contemporary look.

Shabby Chic Headboard

shabby chic headboard

The shabby chic design is one of the latest interior design fads that is not about to fade. This design incorporates furnishings with evidence of wear and tear and slight distress thus adding a romantic look to your bedroom.

Shabby chic headboards are popular in country cottages and coastal areas and can be paired with a few distressed furniture pieces.

Elegant Headboard

For fans of understated or outstanding sophistication, this is the ideal headboard design for your bedroom. The term ‘elegance’ however means different things to different people.

If you are looking for traditional elegance, pick luxurious fabrics for the headboards that match sturdy and dark wood tones with some shine scattered over the material. For modern elegance, headboards with updated hues, sturdy leather, good wire and cord organization and clean lines will suffice.

The above headboard designs can be mounted to your bed’s frame or the wall or be free-standing. If you are looking for a whole new look for your bedroom, changing the headboard can help you achieve one inexpensively. The above guide will significantly boost your chances of making the right choice.

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