Want a stronger, natural smile over the age of 65? 5 reasons to consider oral implants

Who says oral implants are just for younger people?

Age is associated with wisdom, distinction and, unfortunately, a worsening or more regular occurrence of dental issues.

Similar to other health issues, dental problems are more likely to occur in older people due to an increase of inflammation markers, which heighten the risk of issues like gum disease. Also, in older ladies, their teeth and bones may become more fragile due to hormonal changes.

But, it isn’t all bad news! With people living longer and healthier lives, dentists are now able to help many people who have dental issues linked to age manage them better, meaning that more cosmetic options are now open for those over 65! Perfect!

If you have lost some or all of your teeth due to age, you may feel that the only option is to have dentures fitted to help you with eating and speech.

However, with more people over the age of 65 having dental implants fitted in St. John’s Wood, what’s to stop you asking your dentist if you can have them too?

So, what are the advantages of oral implants over dentures?

No rubbing!

If you have ever worn a denture, you are probably all too familiar with the rubbing that comes with this prosthesis.

Even with the best dental glues, dentures are not immune from rubbing against the gums, causing sores and ulcers. As dental implants from St. John’s Wood are fitted to your jaw, they are immovable and cannot rub, meaning no more sore gums! Perfect!


Dentures can be stepped on, sat on, or even lost completely, making them far from a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Dental implants near St. John’s Wood have a much longer lifespan than the average set of dentures; if they are properly maintained and you take good care of your health, they can last up to 40 years! Now that’s long-lasting!

Stronger bite

close up of smile

It is always depicted on a dental adhesive advert; a person wearing dentures and taking a bite out of an apple!

Sadly, many people who wear dentures find this to be fictional, as even the strongest dental glues are unable to provide that kind of security when coming into contact with harder foods. However, oral implants are immovable and, as they are fitted to your jaw, you will have a better sense of pressure linked to biting into your food, making the entire experience feel more authentic.

No sore muscles

Many wearers of dentures have reported having to pull odd facial expressions to ensure their dentures stay in place; hardly ideal, this can cause sore muscles around your cheeks and mouth.

Implants won’t require you to hold them in place, meaning the only time you will need to use those muscles is when you smile.

Healthier diet

Most of the healthiest foods are hard to bite into; apples, carrots and even corn on the cob.

With your implants fitted, the possibilities will be endless, meaning you can enjoy a healthier diet.

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