Different Style Options for Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

The bathroom forms the most used space in your home. As such, it needs to be both attractive and functional. The centerpiece of your bathroom’s design is the vanity. Other than a design element, the vanity is a functional piece for storage and washing. The primary factor when designing a small bathroom is for the vanity to match the available floor space without affecting its functionality.

When designing a bathroom style, most people might focus only on the products in door shops in Melbourne since they may assume their doors should be the anchor pieces of their style. Even so, by basing your entire design on the vanity’s style, it becomes far easier to put together the ideal look for your space. The following are the style options for bathroom vanities and ideas of putting them together.

Antique and Farmhouse Styles

These are the ideal styles for homeowners who want to exude warmth and old charm in their bathrooms. The antique and farmhouse styles are often achieved through the use of rustic-looking or white-painted wood. You can incorporate a granite counter-top with a wooden nook to exude a farmhouse aesthetic. The antique style leans towards a century elegance with ornate details instead of the minimalist and simple ones used in the farmhouse style. You can also include intricate hand-made moldings on your bathroom’s drawers and doors and some antique glass to crown the antique bathroom look.

Modern Style

Clean lines and minimalism are the hallmarks of this bathroom style. Though most often rooted in the mid-century styles of the 1950s to 60s, nowadays, most people include colored vanities. Floating vanities are the ideal choices for modern style bathrooms since they complement an uncluttered and open look that contributes to functional grace and a sleek appearance.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary bathroom

Some people use the word contemporary and modern styles interchangeably. Even so, these are different styles. While the modern style features natural materials, neutral colors, minimalism, and clean lines, the contemporary style is fluid and reflects the current trends. The contemporary style also features bold contrasting colors with simple silhouettes for the vanities and cabinets to complement a sleek design.

Rustic Style

When thinking of a rustic bathroom, you should lean towards natural textures and neutral colors. The primary material in a rustic style bathroom is wood in different colors and grains that will generate a unique balance of charm and elegance. Most homes nowadays combine rustic and modern styles to get a warm yet stylish bathroom.

Industrial Style

Though often used for masculine bathrooms in the past, the industrial style is now also used in family homes. The vanities used in the industrial kind usually have a frameless construction with exposed wood and metal details. The frameless construction favors the use of a thick box for the stability of your vanity and offers considerable accessibility to the cabinet and vanity.

With these tidbits, you can have the perfect bathroom right in your home. This will mean endless moments of relaxation at home rather than an expensive spa or hotel room. Thankfully, you can also alternate between different bathroom styles without spending too much money.

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