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Having missing teeth is a problem which affects a great number of people across the country, daily. Typically, the majority of people who have a full set of healthy, natural teeth sadly do not fully appreciate their value, until they are gone. Those who have visible spaces or gaps inside their mouths struggle each day with far more than you may initially think. Tasks such as eating the most simple of foods can prove to be challenging, as can properly enunciating words or expressing yourself clearly. This, if left for a continued amount of time, can often cause people to become more socially isolated and insular – which, in turn, can lead to serious mental health concerns. Thankfully however, today there is a permanent solution which can restore a smile to its natural strength and beauty, through Sheen Dental Implants. Implants not only fill in a gap that is left in a patient’s mouth, but do so in such a way that they can eat, speak, and smile naturally and without embarrassment – as everyone ought to be able to do

Cosmetic concerns

Regardless of the cause of tooth loss – whether it has happened gradually, or through trauma – it is considered to be a traumatic experience. The reason for this lies in the importance and value that is placed on our smiles. They are what we present to the world, everyday, and help guide us through the waters of social interaction in a number of ways. Our smiles are, without a doubt, one of – if not the – most important social asset we each possess. As such, when a tooth is lost and a person’s smile becomes visibly altered – regardless of the reason behind the loss – it can have a severe impact on how people view you. Those who are missing teeth, despite their social status or what their job is, are often looked down upon by others, which can lead to the development of social anxiety and other issues. As such, anyone who has recently – or for some time – lost a tooth and has not yet started seeking out treatment, ought to do so as soon as they can.

The treatment process

dental implants

Dental implants, as they exist today, are truly a feat of design engineering and technological prowess. The notion of replacing missing teeth at their root – rather than simply covering the space up in the patient’s gum as crowns or bridges might – is by no stretch a new one and has actually existed for thousands of years. It is only with the wonders of modern science and innovation afforded to us in the 21st century however, that we are now able to achieve the results of today. Modern implants operate by fusing a titanium-alloy socket, directly within the jawbone of the patient. This results in the socket being permanently embedded, acting as a sturdy anchor point for a replacement, replica tooth. Through a relatively simple dental operation, the basic fundamental mechanics of how a natural tooth operates are replaced, and as such patients have a fully restored smile which is just as strong and durable as a natural one would be – and which feels almost completely identical.

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