Designing Your Home with Blackout Curtains

Styling your home is probably one of the latest trends people are following right now. As most of us are encouraged to stay at home because of the pandemic, we seem to have all realized that there are some things we need to improve in our living spaces. To help you with that, we’d like to suggest one great addition to your home’s design—curtains that aim to reduce the amount of sunlight that gets inside your home.

Blackout Curtains vs. Blackout Shades

When it comes to blocking out the most amount of light possible, you have two options, which are blackout curtains and blackout shades. The deciding factor whether you’ll opt for a blackout curtain or blackout shade is merely personal preference. What aesthetics do you want for your home?

Blackout curtains lean more on the elegant and traditional design of curtains as they provide the look of flowing fabric. This traditional, flowing quality of blackout curtains is opposed by the modernistic, still design of blackout shades. Blackout shades come in various styles like rollers, Romans, and honeycombs.

Although they look entirely different from one another, one thing that you can’t deny about blackout curtains and blackout shades is that they are essential in making sure your room stays cool and private. With the summer season coming around, you’ll need some blackouts by your window.

When Do You Need a Blackout Curtain?

All of this makes you wonder why you need a blackout curtain. We all have our reasons for being an advocate of something. Through all the time that we’ve spent trying to know more about blackout curtains, we’ve come across some of the top reasons you must have them.

When You Need a Quieter Place

If blackout curtains can actually block a huge portion of the light that tries to pass through it, imagine what it can do with sound. Blackout curtains act as an additional dense layer of material that muffles the sound from the outside world.

When You Need to Cut Your Bill Costs

If you want to lessen the cost of your electricity bill, a blackout curtain is a great form of investment. Blackout curtains diffuse the UV rays and significantly lessens the heat that gets inside, and keeps your room cool. With that, you wouldn’t have to keep your air-conditioning system turned on throughout the day. To maximize this, you can also install frosted window film that blocks around 80% of UV rays to work with your blackout curtains.

When You Need Maximum Privacy

Even when you use curtains that seem to have thick material, when bright sunlight hits them, there’s a big possibility that your silhouettes can be seen from outside. If you’re firm when it comes to privacy, blackout curtains ensure that not a single pair of eyes can see you from the outside.

When You Need Something Durable

Curtains usually start to fade out and show signs of wear and tear after a couple of years. When you need something durable, blackout curtains are equipped with multiple layers to ensure that they can provide you with shade and protection even after years of usage.

When You Need to Sleep Better

Even when you turn off the lights and close the drapes of an ordinary curtain, it’s inevitable that a small amount of light will still pass through it. This can be a problem since our body can’t fully rest when there’s an ample amount of sunlight to keep us awake. When you need to sleep better, a blackout curtain can block almost 99% of light to turn your room pitch-black for better sleep.

The Best Blackout Curtain Shades for Sleep


Blackout curtains come in a variety of colors, and if there’s something we learned from colors in interior designs, they each induce an emotion or feeling in someone. That’s why choosing the proper color for each part of your house is essential.

Green or Turquoise

Green blackout curtains help in giving you a good night’s sleep because this shade gives out a relaxing ambiance to the bedroom. The green shade also gives the illusion of additional space, making your room look bigger.


This color represents peace. It helps in regaining your inner harmony, which reduces anxiety and insomnia and also helps you concentrate. It works best for bedrooms that are also used as a workplace.


There’s still no shade better in darkening your room than a black curtain. It completely blocks out light, which makes it seem like your eyes are closed. This significantly helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

Our homes are supposed to provide us with the comfort we need to start and end the day. While there are lots of areas in your home that you can modify, installing blackout curtains is perhaps the easiest yet most beneficial one.

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