Create an At-home Wellness Retreat in Easy Steps

Finding a way to revitalize and nourish our minds and bodies from a fast-paced lifestyle isn’t actually difficult to do. One famous method that most people use is a wellness retreat. Traditionally, these retreats are organized at different tranquil locations such as nature resorts, meditation centres, and city spas.

But did you know that you can organize your own wellness retreat at home? An at-home wellness retreat gives you the flexibility to relax and reflect without worrying about travelling costs or participation fees. Curious how to create a home sanctuary and take time off from your crazy, hectic lifestyle? We’ve got some wonderful tips for that right here.

1. Create an indoor sanctuary

Having a private sanctuary indoors can make it easier for you to relax and calm down. For instance, you can designate your bedroom as your sleep-only and relaxation sanctuary, wherein you are not allowed to watch movies or work. It is recommended that you orient a chair or soft in your relaxation sanctuary towards the windows. Having an open view tends to give you an open mind and an open heart.

Furthermore, it would be better if it has dimmable lights, insulated windows, and a carpet. Other things you can add include greenery or indoor plants, calming music, and more natural light.

2. Find meditation and yoga practices

home yoga

There are multiple types of meditations you can choose from. Popular ones include spiritual, movement, mindfulness, mantra, focused, and transcendental medication. Note that not every style is suitable for everyone as each requires different mindsets and skills. Meditation experts suggest going for the one you feel more encouraged and comfortable to practice.

As for yoga practices, it’s recommended to pick the type that best fits your intention. These intentions can be losing weight, managing stress, developing more compassion, or becoming more mindful. Some famous types of yoga include Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Iyengar, Bikram, and Ashtanga. Generally speaking, you can do meditation and yoga together. With proper practice, this combination can help improve your overall well-being and fitness.

3. Set up at-home spa treatments

An at-home wellness retreat won’t be complete without some spa treatments, which you can quickly create. Experts recommend pampering yourself with some DIY face masks, mists, and more using things you already have in your cupboard or refrigerator. For instance, you can create a natural face mask using cocoa powder, coconut or essential oils, honey, and yogurt.

For a full-body treatment, a minute of warm shower followed by a 30-second shower with cold water can help in detoxifying and reducing muscle inflammation. You can also try adding Epsom salt to your bath to relieve your body from toxins.

4. Upgrade and spend time outdoors

You don’t necessarily need to travel to a different place or city to reap the benefits of the outdoors. If you’ve got a yard, you’re good to go. You can transform your empty yard into a relaxing and pleasant environment by investing in a few upgrades. One trend for modern properties is installing a gazebo or pergola with louvred roof systems, which is a great way for you to enjoy the sun without getting toasted.

You can also consider adding a deck or a backyard patio where you can spend time outdoors relaxing. Being outdoors and in nature can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve your mood, and make you happier.

5. Try eating mono meals

For many, eating just one type of food in a meal for a day or two can be boring. Eating mono meals for a few days can help your body easily digest as there are fewer complex items in your belly. In addition to that, providing your body the time to focus on one ingredient at a time basically enables you to absorb up to 25% more nutrients.

Having less complicated meals can also be beneficial for your mind, helping it relax and calm down. However, this diet isn’t highly recommended for the long term. Just try it for a few days to calm your digestive system. If you decide to continue going on a mono-diet, be certain to do your research first or consult a nutritionist. This helps ensure that the diet actually suits your lifestyle and health situation.

Creating your at-home wellness retreat can be an amazing way to regain your mental and physical harmony and balance. Add personal touches to our tips so you can set up a wonderful retreat that meets both your wellness and leisure needs. Make the most out of your indoor and outdoor space. Be creative!

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