Thinning Hair? Try These Tips to Keep It from Thinning

Thinning hair is often one of the greatest fears of both men and women. When your crown starts to become thinner, you can’t shake off the fear of losing all your hair altogether. Because of thinning hair, we wear caps or bonnets, try out every hair remedy such as luxury hair masks, or even pray to any deity that they be merciful enough to let you keep the rest of your hair. We go to great lengths to keep our hair from disappearing because a lot of people do not want to end up becoming bald.

Fortunately, there are simpler ways to prevent hair from thinning. If your hair has already started to lose its volume, read on and start fighting back against going bald with these tips:

Be gentle with your scalp

Perhaps one of the reasons your hair is starting to thin is that you’ve been using a lot of harsh chemicals on your scalp. Some shampoos and conditioners have harsh chemicals that may make your hair look shiny. But if you use them regularly and for a long time, you can ruin your scalp and cause your hair to become thinner.

A remedy for this is to choose shampoos and conditioners that are much gentler to your scalp. Try all-natural products and avoid shampoos with sulfates and conditioners with silicones.

Use a wide-toothed comb

man touching his hair

Avoid using brushes because they tend to pull more hair off. If your hair starts to thin, you should be extra careful when you’re trying to remove the tangles in it after a shower. So use a wide-toothed comb. It will run more smoothly through your hair.

For women, start combing at the bottom of your hair and carefully untangle the strands that joined together. For extra care, if your hair is a tangled mess, try massaging it with your finger gently instead of combing through it. After you are done untangling the bottom part of your hair, move onto the root.

For men, if you have short hair avoid using a comb as often as possible. The advantage of having short hair is that it’s easier to untangle any strands. If there are any and if they’re really short, you can simply use your hands to comb your hair.

Don’t mangle it with your towel

After taking a shower do not dry your hair by wrestling it with your towel. Rubbing your head forcefully with your towel could dislodge more hair from its roots, making your hair thinner. Instead, pat it dry. If you have an electric fan, let it dry your head. Do not use a hair dryer because it can dry out the strands and make it more fragile.

Use nutritional oil on your scalp

Another tip that you can use is to massage your scalp with nutritional oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, or egg oil). Hair growth is often helped by increasing blood circulation in the hair follicles, which is why experts advise people to massage their scalps to improve the blood circulation there and therefore help their follicles grow more hair. But you should help that with nutritional oil such as coconut oil because these natural oils are capable of stopping hair loss. Coconut oil is said to prevent hair from becoming brittle. A lot of people use it to stop their hair from becoming thinner.

Another major cause of thinning hair is stress, so avoid it at all costs. If your work tends to stress you out, make sure to find something that can ease the tension in your body and your mind as soon as you step out of the office—try yoga. Also, a lack of vitamin D and B12 can contribute to thinning hair. Make sure that you get lots of these.

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