See Bath’s Beautiful Architecture and Experience its History

The United Kingdom is a country with a storied past, which is exemplified by many ancient buildings, churches, and landmarks all over it. One place that will take you back in time and experience an ‘old meets new’ milieu is Bath. It is a possible day or multi-day trip from London or other cities. If you plan to include Bath in your itinerary, here are some suggestions of things to do and places to visit.

See the Roman Baths

The former residents indulged in relaxing in the city’s many Roman baths. Some are no longer in use other than as a tourist destination, but are still worth a visit to imagine how people passed their leisure hours a century or so ago. Some provide 3D reconstructions of its grandeur and interactive exhibits that illustrate its storied past. Look for a hotel in Bath city centre as a convenient base to explore these attractions.

Bath Abbey’s Tower

This tower looms large over the city and provides visitors with a beautiful bird’s eye view of the surroundings. Climb the more than 200 steps, pass along the bell and ringing chambers, and then go to the roof for the vistas. From here, you can see the city’s iconic buildings and landmarks. Soak everything in, take photos, and create memories before descending.

See the Royal Crescent

Bath is full of stunning architecture that gave it a UNESCO World Heritage listing. One such place to marvel at is the Royal Crescent. This destination has an arc of Georgian-style townhouses that are picture perfect. The rich residents wanted a country atmosphere and that is exactly what John Wood the Younger gave them with his design. Stay a while to admire the buildings and take leisurely strolls.

Great Pulteney Street

British museum in UK

This wide thoroughfare is famous because of its scale and stunning architecture. The buildings on each side will make you stop and stare for a moment to appreciate the ingenuity behind them. Once you reach the end, you might want to enter the Holbourne Museum. This former hotel now houses artefacts and artworks from various countries.

Bath Skyline Walk

Bath has many architectural wonders, but it also has natural surroundings that add to its old world charm. The skyline covers six miles and leads you through woodlands, meadows, and valleys along with stunning views of the city. This trail provides a good break from buildings and quaint alleys.

Chill at Green Park Station

After hours of exploring the city and marveling at the architecture, take a break at Green Park Station. This spot used to be one of the city’s rail hubs, but is now a commercial area. You will find several restaurants, shops, and cafes to dine in or have a drink. During market days, you can shop for antiques, produce, art, and vintage clothes.

See the Assembly Rooms

This district used to be a place where the rich and famous drink copious amounts of tea, gamble, and dance the night away. Fast forward to today, it is open to everyone since you will still some cafes selling tea. Enter the beautiful rooms lit by chandeliers and imagine how the wealthy lived during Jane Austen’s days.

Bath is a fascinating city with plenty to offer architecture and history buffs, and casual tourists who want to see more of the UK. These are only some of the things to do and attractions to include in your itinerary.

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