From House to Home: How to Bring Warmth into Your Home

Many people these days move from one house to the next in a matter of months. Their reasons range from getting a better job opportunity in another city to finding a new property with a lower mortgage. Whatever the reason may be, many move from one house to another with such frequency that it is getting harder to turn a house into a homely place.

But if you want your children to feel more at home, you might want to hire an interior design and renovation expert in Singapore and follow these tips.

Go for soft stuff

A lot of people remember how peaceful and cosy their homes were when they were kids, with most of them remembering how soft their beds were or how warm the family couch was. If you want your kids to snuggle up to you while you are watching a reality show, then buy a couch that’s extra soft and fill it up with soft pillows.

Kids, in particular, love soft beds and pillows and even as adults, we often find it hard to leave our beds when it is so soft and warm. So invest in a lot of soft cushions, and you are sure to turn your house into a home you and your children will remember for several years.

Try baking

You have to admit that most kids’ fond memories of their homes include cookies or pies that their mothers baked on the weekends. If you want your kids to have fond memories of your house as well, try baking some tasty treats for them this weekend while they are watching cartoons.

Make it as personal as possible

Another way to turn your house into a lovely and memorable home is to add a personal touch to everything you have. That just does not mean filling it up with photos of the whole family. It also means you get to ask every family member how they want to design their personal spaces.

If your husband wants an old leather couch where he can watch games, then let him buy his chair and place it wherever he wants it. If your kids want their room to be as vibrant as possible, let them choose the colours for the walls.

Use some scents

Psychologists say that certain smells can trigger memories more effectively. Take that into account and add some scents to your home that your whole family will love. Maybe buy some scented candles that are not too strong for their noses or spray the whole house with earthy scents because these smells are easy on the nose.

Have a pet

Little girl with 2 puppies

A house with a pet is a home full of life and joy. Even if you are single, every expert will say that adding a pet dog or cat to your house will make every dreary day better.

And if you have your own family, just imagine how fun it would be if your kids play with the family dog every morning. Imagine the numerous walks around the neighbourhood you will have with the family if you have a dog.

If you want your house to be more like a home to remember forever, follow some of the tips here, and you will have something to remember fondly during your twilight years.

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