The Most Common Reasons for Brain Injury

You need a brain injury attorney in Los Angeles when you face one of the worst injuries anyone can ever suffer through. The reason for that is because it is actually very difficult to get such an injury to be random chance.

The brain is protected by a very tough and sturdy skull; it takes a lot of force and impact to cause enough damage. As you might guess, injuries are usually resultant from malicious intent or neglect. Here are the most common causes of brain injury and who has ultimate liability.


One of the easiest causes of brain injury is severe blunt force trauma to the head resulting from an attack or an assault by another person. The reason that this is such a potent cause is that a heavy instrument is usually the causes and your attacker is going at it with the specific intent to cause you the worst harm possible.

In clear cases where you’re the victim of an assault, your attacker has both criminal and civil liability for the harm caused to you. That’s especially when such an attack causes you to lose your means of livelihood.

Falling Objects

For those who work in a factory or warehouse, one of the easiest causes of brain injury results from falling objects. In cases such as this, there is a strong possibility that your coworkers or even your company are liable for the damage done.

For the former, this is especially true if your coworkers engage in horseplay or other distracting behavior. For the latter, this can be true if there aren’t enough precautions in place to secure any heavy items that might possibly fall and cause harm to their personnel.


This is another common occurrence in work sites, though not necessarily just high-risk workplaces like factories. Falls can occur due to negligence when the building’s owners do not provide strong and effective safety railing and fencing to prevent people from falling over.

The falls don’t even have to be from great heights to cause a great deal of damage to the brain. A brain injury attorney in Los Angeles is helpful here because they can better ascertain who or what is ultimately the cause of a gravely dangerous fall.


Bicycle accident

Finally, you can also experience bad brain injury due to accidents on the road. This is somewhat of a higher risk for motorcyclists. The thing about liability here is that if you aren’t cautious yourself, no one is liable but you — especially if you have been drinking.

If the cause is other people’s negligence and lack of care, however, you can certainly sue for damages. Again, that’s especially true when they have been drinking while they were driving or were distracted by the use of their smartphones. Those are all big no-nos.

No one wants to have to suffer through the sheer trauma and pain that is brought about by brain injury. The effects of this type of injury can be crippling and long reaching. Fortunately, if the cause is other people, you can take comfort in knowing that you can get something back for the damages.

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