Van Accessories to Consider for the Hot Weather

Hot summer months are fast approaching, and while your new van is blowing cool air from its air conditioning system, some vans are not lucky enough to have this privilege. Older van models do not have the same efficient and effective AC system and must find ways to keep the interiors cool.

In the 1940s, van drivers would even put a large block of ice on their floorboard to make the car cool. It is very important for van owners driving long hours on the road to keep cool and comfortable.

Check the A/C

Before summer starts, it is best to have your van’s air conditioning system checked for the refrigerant and any leaks. Sometimes during the hottest days, the AC fluctuates and becomes less effective in cooling a vehicle’s interiors.

Some van owners choose to have additional vents and upgrades done to provide adequate cooling for the whole van. You can add various accessories to the Sprinter van you bought in Salt Lake City to make driving conditions more bearable regardless of the weather.

Snow season can get rough here, so besides preparing for the hot months, van owners also prepare for driving in the snow.

Add Accessories

For the summer months, here are some van accessories you can add:

  • man installing sun shieldRoof Vents – These are ideal accessories that you can install in the cargo area of vans that travel long distances and long hours. When searching for roof vents for a Sprinter, check if they are roof rack friendly and if they are the quiet type for the best results. Roof vents allow fresh outdoor air to circulate inside the van, making it cooler and fresher for the driver and passengers.
  • Sun Visor – This van accessory consists of tinted high-impact resistant acrylic visors that are specially fitted for the vehicle. There are different visors for different types of vehicles. They are very helpful in blocking sunlight and dangerous glare, which, in turn, keeps the van cooler.
  • Fans and Blowers – Installing or attaching fans inside the van is an affordable way of cooling the interiors during unbearably hot summer days. These fans vary in size to suit various locations. There are easy-to-clip fans for drivers to use and there are others that can be attached to other parts of the van. They can be battery-operated or plugged into the van’s charger port.
  • Hand Wash Unit – For spacious vans, a hand wash extension unit can be installed, but it may cost a little extra for owners. It is a great accessory to help everyone freshen up at any point of the day. It is also a wonderful addition for soccer moms, campers and those who use the van for their business and profession.

Many people buy Sprinter vans as a family car, a work vehicle or to ultimately live their dreams of living in a motor home. Thankfully, there are practical tips that can help drivers and owners keep their vehicle cooler during those hot summer days. Apart from these accessories, it is also a great idea to plan long travels carefully to avoid driving during the hottest days.

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