The Deadliest Causes of Truck Accidents

There’s a reason why a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles is such a popular specialization—truck accidents are truly horrific and life-changing when they happen. Whether you’re a truck driver or not, you need to be aware of these common deadly causes of truck accidents so you can avoid them—or claim liability and damages if you fall victim. After all, being forewarned is being forearmed when it comes to this situation.


In general terms, the trucking industry is all about the long haul drive. These are normally cross country and across state lines. Depending on the trucking company, it can also be on tight deadlines. Because of this, many truck drivers don’t get the chance to get that much in the way of sleep or rest. This means that some truck drivers hit the road a lot more tired than the law allows. When this happens, their judgement and reaction times become severely impaired, and this can lead to a deadly accident on the open road.


Sadly, drunk driving is something that isn’t limited to those driving cars. It becomes several layers more terrifying when the ones doing the drunk driving are doing so behind the wheel of a heavy, powerful truck. It’s unfair to generalize, but there are some drivers that turn to alcohol and other illegal substances to handle the loneliness and stresses that they feel on their long drives. Whatever the reason, this combination can prove to be deadly when the conditions are wrong.


All truckers usually drive trucks belonging to one company or the other. While they can try their best with what they’re given, it can be difficult for them to always keep their trucks in the best shape possible for the longest periods. That being said, things can go awry on the fly with critical systems especially if the truck is getting on in long years. In cases like this, it can be challenging to figure out who is liable. That’s why having a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles helps as one can help trace who exactly is liable for any damages caused.


Overspeeding truck

Finally, there simply are drivers that should never have gotten their licenses, to begin with. These truck drivers are those who drive recklessly and overspeed when the law clearly says that they shouldn’t. This usually happens when they’re just rushing to meet deadlines and throw caution to the wind. The danger here is that trucks weren’t meant to stop on a dime. Even the more advanced types of trucks take several long moments to stop from full speed. When that happens, things can only end in disaster. There are few things as destructive as a several-ton truck barreling into a car at high speeds.

Should you be involved in a truck accident as a result of these things, then you are certainly owed a lot in damages. It’s best to immediately engage the services of a capable lawyer to defend you and represent your interests. There’s so much that needs to be navigated through to ensure that you get what’s due you, and they can help you do that.

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