The Best Occasions to Gift a Watch

A watch is considered a milestone gift. It is one of the ideal items to give away for special occasions. It’s a great way to mark a timeless occasion, so to speak. But there are certain milestones that call for a gift watch louder than the rest. We give you a roundup of those occasions and why should you give a watch.


This happens every year to everyone, but you really don’t have to spend on designer watches in Washington, DC, every time a family member is having a birthday. That would be heavy on your budget. Instead, choose those important birthdays where time would be of the essence.

Take for example one’s birthday that would introduce him/her to a different phase in life. The 13th, 18th, 21st, 50th, and other such birthdays are considered some of the momentous moments in one’s lifetime.


Graduation from school, specifically finishing a degree, is a great time to give a watch as a gift. That’s because, for the most part, it is also about the time your loved one is entering the bigger jungle known as the adult world.

It’s like a rite of passage, and a classic timepiece is the best symbolism you could use for that. That’s why a watch is the best graduation gift ever.


Man on a suite wearing a watchAnother important milestone in one’s life is when they enter a lifelong commitment with someone, also known as marriage. This is why most couples choose to give their spouse-to-be a watch as a symbol of their promise to spend the rest of their life with the other.

It’s an enduring reassurance that they are making that very important choice to be with the other and stick to that promise. For some with a huge wedding budget, they also choose to give designer watches Washington DC to their sponsors and entourage.

Somehow, this represents their gratitude for their guests’ courtesy to their invitation to share this moment with them.


Much like its symbolism in weddings, a watch would also make for a perfect gift between couples who are celebrating their anniversary. It clearly shows off how thankful they are for finally finding the one and being able to escape the waiting game. It also stands for the memories of the years that passed and the coming years they intend to spend together.


Time ticks by so fast but you know you have made your life well spent if you invest it on people who truly care. This is why receiving a gift watch very heartwarming for those who are retiring from the office and moving forward to a more relaxed phase in life.

It’s a plus reason that most retirements also coincide with one’s moving up to becoming a senior citizen. By giving a watch as a gift, you could easily imply how things get better with age, which should inspire the receiver to make the most of what’s left ahead even if they are leaving behind their comfort zone for so many years.

The gift of time is always welcome — literally and figuratively. When you have something important to celebrate or when someone you love is celebrating a milestone in life, it would be nice to give a watch as a gift.

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