Why It’s a Good Idea to Include Grandparents in Your Newborn Photo Sessions

Your itty-bitty newborn is typically the star of the quintessential newborn photo. After all, the new baby in that picture is the focus of everyone’s world. While a photo of your baby is precious by itself, you can make the image more captivating or compelling by adding grandparents to the mix.

Here’s why including them in your baby photo session is a wonderful idea:

The Photo Session Allows You to Capture the “Magic” of Newborns and Grandparents

Newborn-hood is fleeting. Honey Pie Photography, a newborn, maternity and cake smash photographer, says that before you know it, a baby’s milk-drunk expressions and newborn wrinkles will quickly turn into first-birthday toddler steps.

Similarly, having grandparents nurturing and cradling that fragile and delicate bundle of joy is also fleeting. You get to witness the fading of generations from oldest to youngest and realise that life can change in an instant. Having three generations included in a newborn picture is a marvellous gift you can give to yourself — and eventually to succeeding generations.

The Photo Makes for a One-of-a-Kind Keepsake

A picture of your baby and his/her grandparents is a keepsake you wouldn’t trade for anything else. It can serve as a visual tool for your child to learn more about his/her family. Additionally, the photo can show how much the grandparents love the child. It reveals that grandma and grandpa were there during his/her first few weeks on earth.

Likewise, grandparents will feel great being part of this particular moment. A professional family photo beautifully rendered and intentionally posed becomes one of grandpa and grandma’s most prized possessions.

Grandparents Won’t Be around Forever

The reality is that grandparents won’t always be there. While they are still around, you should take the time to build memories and capture them in photo sessions. You, along with your child, will be grateful for that memory and time when you’re taking a trip down memory lane.

Poses for Every Member of the Family

a baby

The great thing about capturing family photos is that each member comes together to bring something unique to the composition. If you, your baby and your parents (the baby’s grandparents) will be attending a photo session, these suggestions can make the photo look better:

  • For Mom and Dad – You and your partner are the heart of the family. Both of you can hold the baby and make eye contact with your bundle of joy while smiling.
  • For Grandma and Grandpa – You can ask them to interact with your newborn candidly. Another good pose is for them to be at the centre while cradling the baby.
  • For the Baby – Newborns are adorable to photograph, and they don’t need to do anything special when in front of the camera. Their moods, however, can affect their pose and facial expression. If your baby is crying, it is a good idea to have toys on hand to get them to calm down.

When you have the opportunity to include your baby’s grandparents in your photo session, don’t think twice about inviting them. They’ll surely find the whole thing memorable and enjoyable.

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