After-Birth Fitness Goals: Losing Baby Weight

If you just gave birth, you have a lot on your plate. You’re trying to adjust to a new routine of taking care of a newborn — you must be thinking about when to feed them, how much is enough, and what to do when they cry.

On top of that, you want to lose the extra pounds you gained during pregnancy. Losing baby weight is a struggle for most women, so you’re not alone. To bounce back to your pre-baby body, you need to find a women’s weight loss program and combine it with these pro-tips:

Choose foods with high water content

Foods with high water content such as fruits, soups and tea fill you up with fewer calories. Water prevents more weight gain by lowering calorie density. Studies have found that people who have soup before a meal eat significantly less than those who don’t.

When you dive right in and consume an energy-dense dish, chances of you losing weight are minimal — also, nutritionist’s advice taking warm foods as compared with cold ones. The latter is less filling, and after a while, you’re likely to feel hungry and consume more food.

Take some advice from Halle Berry

Berry gained 35 pounds when she was expecting baby girl Nahla. In three and a half months after childbirth, she had regained her red-carpet body. Her trainer helped her start out conservatively with just some cardio stretching every day in a week.

Then, to break the monotony after picking up the momentum, Berry was ready for jogs on the beach, hikes, yoga and kickboxing. After this, the trainer introduced a combination of lunges, squats, and jumps. The weight loss results were obvious.

Halle Berry’s advice for women who want to lose baby weight is to treat exercise like a standing appointment. She points out that one has to schedule exercise in their day to realize any progress. Simple things such as taking a walk during lunch or a 20-minute stroll with your baby can also help.

Skip sugary treats to prevent ruining your metabolism

Woman about to eat sugary treatsOver the last decade, the global consumption of sugar has shot from 130 to 178 million tons. According to the same research, Americans consumes about 22 teaspoons of sugar daily.

The problem with consuming too much sugar is how your body processes it. Since sugar is a simple carbohydrate, your body will quickly break it down to glucose. Glucose passes into the bloodstream, spiking your blood sugar levels and forcing the body to release insulin to lower the sugar levels.

Extra sugar in your blood means the excessive release of insulin. Finally, insulin converts the excess sugar into fat for storage, and this is how you end up gaining weight.

Consider healthy trade-offs

The best way to lose baby weight is to trade the sweet treats with nutritious foods. Low-fat milk and yogurt will help you stay full longer, eliminating the need to munch on sugary snacks. Nutritionists also recommend consumption of food rich in fiber, such as figs, wheat crackers and veggies.

Losing weight after childbirth is not a walk in the park, but if you commit to an exercise program and watch your diet (and actually walk in the park regularly), you’ll be on the road to success.

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