The beauty of the discreet device

Whether it is for a teenager or a working adult, discreetly aligning teeth into their correct position is appealing to everyone. This is why Invisalign in Luton is so popular, because it offers a solution to all individuals so that they can enjoy their teeth straightening experience that little bit more, knowing that they are in complete control of their journey and the future that comes with it.

Not designed for everyone, using a removable aligner to straighten teeth and the jaw is a way for minor to moderate misalignments to be rectified. It should be said that it takes a certain degree of willpower on the behalf of the patient to ensure success with this treatment, because even though they can and should be removed to eat every day, they need to be replaced and worn for a minimum of 22 hours to keep the realignment on track.

Professionals know that this can be difficult for some people who would honestly enjoy this treatment, so have devised some ways to help make sure that the wearers are on track. A compliance indicator is an option for teen wearers as it is a way for parents to ensure that their children are keeping on track with wearing their device throughout the day and night. This may also be an option for other people who need that kind of reminder, especially if they tend to enjoy lengthy meals or times throughout the day without the device installed.

Some additional side effects

Because eating can become a bit of a rigmarole for aligner wearers, many people have reported that they skip on the many snacks that are often thoughtlessly consumed throughout the day. Generally thought of as a positive impact, people are making more conscious eating decisions and are caring for their teeth a whole lot more as well, as they need to brush their teeth again before replacing their aligner, otherwise they have to deal with bad breath among other nasty issues, as food is not washed away by saliva as it normally is. 


Throughout the journey as teeth begin to move into their correct position, people can often feel elated and excited about their progress which always has a positive effect. Because most treatments last about a year, it isn’t long until only retainers remain as a way of preserving the investment that a person has made both in time and money to improve their health and the appearance of their smile.

How does this way differ from traditional braces?

Traditional braces effectively work by pulling teeth into their correct position, using wires and brackets. Aligners gently push teeth into alignment, in the same consistent way. Both ways are a gradual process and have their advantages depending on the severity of an individual’s situation. Generally speaking, for more severe cases, traditional braces are said to be more effective, because a dentist has more control over the movement and manipulation of teeth. For those people with mild to moderate issues, this hands-free option is a great way to reduce dentist appointment times and give power back to the patient.

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