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Nowadays, we can all recognise that each of us is living in a completely different world from that of our predecessors. One discipline in which these changes and advancements can be examined within a larger context, is dentistry. In the past, those who would seek out the aid of their dentist only did so in a responsive way. Such as seeking out help for a lost tooth, or having an infected tooth removed if the patient was experiencing toothache. Nowadays however, the field of dentistry has developed outside the merely responsive, and into the realm of the cosmetic. Never before has there been such a range of possibilities and options available to those who are self-conscious or embarrassed about the way their smiles look. Thanks to the surge in popularity and interest around cosmetic dentistry procedures, patients are now more than ever able to maximise the true beauty and potential of their smiles.

Cosmetic creativity

Thanks to recent and continuing advancements in dental technology and innovation, cosmetic dentistry practitioners and professionals can now help their patients in ways which were previously thought impossible. Cosmetic dentistry experts can now completely re-sculpt a patient’s smile from scratch, and can address a great number of common cosmetic issues patients have – such as chipped or broken teeth, teeth which are poorly aligned or crooked, stained and discoloured, or missing entirely. Anybody who feels that any aspect of how their teeth look is affecting their lives socially or professionally, ought to speak to their trusted local cosmetic dentistry provider. In doing so, they can voice their cosmetic concerns about their smile to a professional, who will then cross reference these concerns with their breadth of procedures and treatment options – to best determine which cosmetic dentistry route will best meet their needs, and give them the smile they desire.

Professional cosmetic whitening

Across the board, one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures which is sought out by patients of all ages, is cosmetic dental whitening. One of the potential reasons for this procedure’s popularity, is the non-invasiveness of the procedure and treatment – which may  attract a number of patients who would otherwise not opt for cosmetic dentistry procedures. Another potential explanation for the recent increase in popularity for cosmetic whitening is the exposure which patients have to the appearance of celebrities and musicians through films and TV, as well as the increase in the amount of social media usage across all demographics. Regardless of the rationale, the fact remains that cosmetic whitening is now one of the most popularly sought out forms of cosmetic dentistry across the country.

What are my whitening options?

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Commonly, those who seek out cosmetic dental whitening have two treatment options – either home-whitening, or in-practice whitening. In-practice dental whitening is the best form of treatment if the patient wishes to achieve visibly whiter teeth within a short time frame, and if it is carried out with a trusted and respected cosmetic dentistry practice. This process consists of the creation of a moulded dental retainer, inside which a peroxide-based bleaching agent is in place and applied to the patient’s teeth. Often a special UV light is shone onto the retainer to speed up the bleaching process. This can provide patients with a visibly brighter smile in as short a timescale as just a few hours. Home whitening kits which are on offer also provide patients with a whiter smile through similar means – although over the course of a few weeks and from inside the patient’s home.

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