Sweet to the Core: Australia’s Top Five Desserts

The Land Down Under is most famous for the astounding number of wildlife in its land and sea. But what might surprise you is that Australians really love dessert. According to one research, Australia’s desserts sector is one of the fastest-growing facets of their food industry.

So what types of desserts are the most popular in Australia? Here are just five of the country’s best desserts. Make sure you can

Fairy Bread

This is one of the simplest but also the most delicious treats you’ll ever encounter. All you need to make this tasty dessert is some bread, butter, and colored sprinkles. You can toast the bread and spread some butter on it, making sure to leave a thick layer. Then, just pour the sprinkles on top of the butter. In Australia, fairy bread is popular among young children as a birthday party treat or as a colorful picnic treat. The sweetness of the sprinkles plays great with the rich saltiness of the butter, making this treat a sure win on any occasion.


Quite possibly one of the most famous desserts from Australia, Pavlova, is named after a famous Russian ballerina who visited the country during the 20s. This is one of the trickiest desserts to get right, as it is essentially an enormous meringue shaped like a cake. The crispy outer layer of Pavlova hides a velvety interior, often topped with an enormous mound of fresh cream. Variations of Pavlova include chocolate meringue and versions filled with marshmallows. Pavlovas are usually topped with delicious berries for an extra tangy treat.

Ice Cream

Ice cream

Is there any place in the world where ice cream isn’t a favorite dessert? Given how hot and humid it can get in Australia, it’s not a surprise they love their cool desserts. Everything from popsicles to sorbets is wildly loved in the country, and you can even design ice cream cakes online.

Australia was actually the birthplace of several original types of ice cream. The Golden Gaytime is a delicious confection that combines of toffee and vanilla ice cream. The mixture is then covered in rich chocolate, followed by a layer of honeycomb biscuits. The popsicle is a refreshingly sweet snack on any sweltering summer day.

Jelly Slice

This dessert has a shared history between Australia and New Zealand. The jelly slice is actually a perfect combination of three simple components. First is a layer of crunchy biscuit that serves as the base. Over the biscuit you pour in your choice of either custard or cream, depending on how rich you want the slice to be. Finally, you pour in jelly as the final layer, usually embedded with a fresh fruit slice. To maintain design cohesion, you can choose to match the color of the fruit with the jelly. The result is a simple but sumptuous dessert.


The lamington is sometimes referred to as Australia’s national cake. This dessert is essentially a light, sponge cake that is then covered in a thin layer of chocolate. The cake is then covered with a layer of desiccated coconut. The lamington is absolutely perfect for after-dinner entertainment and is best enjoyed with a nice hot cup of tea.

The next time you feel a bit hungry, consider these five Australian favorites for your snack. You’ll find that they’re the right mixture of sweet and satisfying.

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