Is a dentist in Richmond the solution to cosmetic dental problems?

Look good, feel good

2020 has been a year of many things, but smiles are not necessarily one of them. With Covid-19 affecting everything around us, and visibly altering the world we all live in, it can sometimes be difficult to smile on through. This is even more difficult for those who are perhaps suffering from any number of superficial aesthetic issues with their teeth, such as staining, chips, large gaps or missing spaces. These problems are common, and may have been evident prior to the national lockdown measures which were in place, but patient’s may not have been able to seek out the treatment they wished as their focus and attention was required elsewhere such as on family or work commitments.

As things gradually return to some form of normal, those who are in need of a dentist should consider seeking out a practice which has re-opened with social distancing and other protective measures as a way of getting the dental care they need – in a safe and controlled environment. By doing so, it is possible to greatly increase your overall sense of self-esteem and, possibly, put a long-awaited smile back on your face.

The importance of healthy gums

Whilst cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening have been massively popular in recent years, and are arguably one of the most widely sought out treatments from practices across the country, there is now a new contender for the title. Covid-19 has made a large number of people pay more attention than before to their health and wellness levels, and as a result more frequently patients are seeking out the help of a reliable dental hygienist, rather than a cosmetic dentistry expert.


A dental hygienist’s services are focused primarily around maintaining a healthy gum and tooth standard, rather than solving a superficial or cosmetic problem, and with Covid-19 making people pay even closer scrutiny towards their health and wellbeing, the services of a dental hygienist have never been more popular. Our gums are one of the most important factors in our oral health, and they are also something which is at constant risk of developing infections such as gingivitis or periodontal disease, and – if they are not properly looked after – can cause some seriously damaging health effects

What can a dental hygienist do for me?

If you are worried about the current health of your gums or teeth, then the best way to put your mind at ease – and get any care that might be required – would be to visit a dental hygienist. Identifying gum diseases is one of the most crucial jobs that a dental hygienist does, and can be massively helpful in stopping any signs of infection in their tracks before they have time to spread or develop any further. Another crucial task which is carried out by a dental hygienist is the professional cleaning, polishing and removal of any built up plaque and tartar within a patient gums and teeth.

This is carried out through a treatment which is called a ‘scale and polish’ which involves two steps. The first of which is to remove any build ups or hidden pockets of plaque, before polishing the surfaces of each tooth – which is the second stage. One added bonus of this treatment is the results are often similar to cosmetic whitneting in their visible effect on the shade and healthiness of the patient’s teeth. If you are concerned about your current oral health, don’t fret, treatment has never been easier – simply contact your local, trusted dental hygienist and make an appointment at the next possible date.

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