Minding Masculinity: Helpful Habits for a Modern Man of the House

When you’re the man of the house, a lot of expectations are placed on you. And many of these are based on stereotypes on what masculinity is. However, not all of these are healthy and helpful for you and your home life.

Sometimes, these can even make you stray far from actually being a good father, husband, brother, or son. When you’re the man of the house, you might want to adopt some habits that are not in the usual description of being manly.

Asking for Help When Needed

Men are thought of as strong. And when you’re strong, you can do things by yourself, and you don’t need help from others. However, we’re all human, and we’re all limited in some way. That’s why, as much as men should help others who are in need of strength, you should also recognize your weaknesses and ask for assistance.

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Showing Care for Others

Men have almost always been thought of as bad when it comes to nurturing. It has been perpetuated in society by the notion that women are the ones who are expected to cook and clean and take care of children.

However, as the man of the house, aside from being able to fix things and work for the family, you are also free to learn “feminine” tasks such as doing the laundry or making delicious meals. The ability to do more for your household can also become a show of strength.

Showing Emotions Openly

dad and child

Family members are supposed to be there as emotional and moral support for one another. In that case, how will you be able to provide that support or receive it if you’re not open with your own thoughts and feelings?

Men are usually expected to keep it together all the time, but that can only lead to awkward relationships and worse health. Start practicing the expression of your emotions. You’ll find that it’s good for getting along with your family and feeling better.

Appreciating the Soft and Beautiful

You might have been made fun of when you decided to pursue hobbies that are not immediately thought of as manly, such as gardening, or baking, or embroidery. Or you might have liked certain items such as fancy decor or romance novels and been teased for it. If that’s your situation, then don’t stop.

Sure, people may have a hard time connecting these wonderful activities and objects to being a man, but it sure can help your psyche.

Expectations and stereotypes of men have been damaging to males throughout the years. You might have been negatively affected yourself. However, now that you have a family, there’s more reason for you to take courage and subscribe to a different kind of masculinity.

You can be open and true to yourself and others, and still be a role model of strength. Your family will appreciate and benefit from it, and you will be a healthier individual as well.

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