Ideas to Remember when Choosing a Pet-Friendly Furniture

A lot of homeowners own a pet that lives with them under one roof. That means their pet, may it be dogs or cats, is free to trot around the house since they’re part of the family. More often than not, our pets pretty much take over the home, which most pet owners don’t mind anyway.

When it comes to our pets, we pet parents will do everything to make their lives as comfortable as possible. It includes choosing pet-friendly furniture and fixtures. These are usually available in many home improvement stores in places like Singapore, such as an L-shaped sofa, carpets, flooring, and more.

The hunt for pet-friendly furniture

No matter how much you love your pets, you care for your home furniture and fixture as well. For one thing, carpets, appliances, and furniture are some of the essential home investments but may not come cheap. That is why it only makes sense to put extra effort in taking care of these pieces.

It’s another story when you own a pet at home. You will have to choose the furniture and fixtures more carefully. Choosing pet-friendly furniture means considering the following:

The furniture should not be chewable by animals.

Wooden and upholstered furniture is more prone to damage by hyperactive pets. If you don’t want your furniture chewed on, you should consider ones with metal legs instead.

It should not attract pet fur.

Preferably, you can choose leather, polyester, and denim. These are some of the best pet-friendly furniture fabric options out there. Such furniture fabric options are also less likely to get scratched easily than other furniture materials such as wood.

It should be easy to clean and maintain.

Cleaning and maintaining furniture or your house, in general, can be tedious. That is why it is an excellent option to choose stain-resistant furniture, such as leather or microfiber. This type can lessen the needed maintenance.

Other tips in choosing pet-friendly furniture

dog on couch

Here are other tips you can consider in choosing pet-friendly furniture. As mentioned, furniture and other home fixture may not come cheap depending on the material or brand.

Consider the furniture color.

For example, you might want to steer away from dark-colored furniture fabric if you have a pet with white fur. On the other hand, it is better to avoid light-colored cloth if you have a pet that has a black or dark-colored coat. Better yet, choose furniture fabric with different patterns. These designs will make the furniture a lot easier to clean.

Patience is key.

When it comes to furniture, it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are popular furniture stores, such as Target or Ikea, that carry attractive and quality furniture pieces.

Buy your pet its own “furniture.”

There are also pieces of furniture made for pets, such as pet beds and scratching posts for cats. These pieces of furniture look good and even complement your living room, kitchen, hallway, etc.

Owning a pet should not be as complicated as it seems. Pets deserve to be treated like family and all the best things in this world.

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