Methods of Concrete Removal before Surface Repair

Concrete is among the most durable material alternatives for outdoor surfaces. Moreover, there are currently several products available for extending the durability of concrete and protecting it from various elements. This does not, however, make it fail-safe. Like other materials, it might suffer different levels of damage when exposed to different factors. In this instance, repair is often the ideal choice, though, in extensive damage and that affecting crucial sections of your structure, replacement might be the perfect choice.

At times cementitious waterproofing might be all you need to get your concrete surfaces looking like new again. Even so, when faced with concrete repair situations, your first step should be getting rid of the old concrete. When most people hear this, they assume that they should break the concrete before laying in the new one. This may leave the underlayment of your concrete extensively damaged and affect the look and functionality of your new concrete. The following are some of the techniques used for the removal of damaged concrete.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Breakers

These are handheld or boom-mounted tools used to break concrete pavements, bridges, and foundations. The amount of steel used in concrete reinforcement, concrete strength, hammer size, and environmental conditions are some of the elements that will determine how well these breakers work. Hydraulic and pneumatic breakers can be controlled remotely using a telescopic boom to minimize the risk of injuries.


This procedure involves cutting of old concrete using a saw, high-speed water jets or a thermal lance. For large structures, the dismantled pieces can be further broken down using a crane. Dismantling concrete is the ideal choice for densely populated areas since it generates minimal dust and noise. Thermic lancing works best for steel-reinforced structures, while water jetting can be used for cutting straight lines. Dismantling is the best choice when breaking a specific portion of your concrete construction rather than the whole.


These are used for the demolition of large concrete structures. Most people may just walk into the nearest explosives store to buy some for their structure’s demolition. It is essential to get yours specifically from a concrete product store. This guarantees the highest level of safety during the concrete demolition. The explosives will be inserted into pre-drilled holes, and their blast causes the breaking of the concrete into small pieces.

Pressure Bursting

pressure bursting

This is the ideal choice when you need a quiet and dust-free demolition method. Pressure bursting for concrete structures can be mechanical or chemical. A hydraulic pressure machine is used for pressure bursting in mechanical bursting. In chemical pressure bursting, an expansive slurry will be inserted under the concrete structure to split it. After breaking, the concrete is removed manually or using a crane.

Few people think of the products for the demolition of concrete when repairing their structures. The above are as essential a part of your repair process as the products that will fill up holes and other defects in your structure. The ideal one for you depends on the structure you want to repair and your available workforce.

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