Location Ideas for Skylights to Maximise Your Natural Lighting

Security is currently among the primary elements most property owners will focus on when designing their properties. This will generally mean constructing strong walls, thick windows, and heavy steel or wood doors. While these heighten your property’s security, they also minimise the amount of natural light that flows into your interiors.

Thankfully, there is a way to maximise natural lighting without sacrificing your safety. The solution lies in the use of PVC roofing materials or sheets for skylights. These are transparent sheets that will allow maximum light to pass through.

For those intent in privacy, several treatments will boost the privacy of these roofing sheets without affecting light flow. These include the use of coloured screens or patterned or translucent sheets. The plastic sheets can also be reinforced to withstand the common elements in your area.

Some, for instance, are impact-resistant for skylights in places with heavy snowfalls and hurricanes. Here are some location ideas for skylights in your property.


Natural lighting in a bathroom can make your space look large and airy. It also contributes to a luxurious look. Most people only rely on frosted window glass for their bathroom’s natural lighting. Your best choice for maximum light nonetheless lies in skylights.

You can opt for clear plastic for the skylight to maximise the natural light that filters into the bathroom. This will work best if your bathroom has no adjacent property. If right next to another property, you can opt for patterned or translucent roofing sheets for some privacy.

Shallow-Pitched Roofs

At times, you might not have as much vertical space for high ceilings. If this is the case, you can install skylights on your low ceiling sections. These will make the ceiling look like part of your property’s exteriors while allowing natural light infiltration.

Instead of installing the plastic roofing on large expanses, use it in long thin areas to create an elegant look.


A porch needs maximum natural light to complement its look and maximise its benefits. At times, however, this is not possible more so in porches that face north. The ideal solution is to have skylights in multiple sections of a porch roof.

This will not just maximise your porch’s lighting but will also help cast shadows into your adjoining rooms and help more sunlight filter into your indoors.

Dormer Windows

dormer windows with skylights

With most people now using their attics for extra living space, dormer windows are a common sight on roofs. Other than letting natural light in, you can opt for skylights that will double up like doors. This way, someone in the attic can gain access to your roof balcony or terrace without interruption to your roofs line once the skylight is closed.

This gives you ease of access and natural lighting in one solution.

Skylights might become the primary element in your property that uplifts its look. Thankfully plastic roofs for the skylights are inexpensive, durable, and easy to install. Moreover, unlike the glass used in the past for skylights, plastic roofing sheets are shatter-resistant and thus safe.

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