Choosing the Right Window Treatments Ain’t a Walk in the Park

Homeowners browsing the web for window treatment would come across Hunter Douglas blinds here in NJ. Given the wide range of options, it is unfortunate most home renovation projects treat window treatments as an afterthought.

Yet, when you make the wrong choice, it is not only the overall aesthetic that suffers, but the household’s comfort dwindles a few notches as well.

Hard or soft

Vinyl and wood are the most popular materials used in contemporary window applications. Shutters and blinds are typical attachments. Shades and awnings may not be the right fit for homesteads and residences with limited space, but we see enough of them to appreciate their merits.

Vinyl and wood are hard window treatments. The other category, which is “soft,” includes drapes, valances, sheers and the like.

They’re not just curtains


It seems every home has a few curtains, and it may be an obvious choice. Yet, you don’t have to settle for the usual setup. If curtains are to become the choice accessory for your windows, then choose them very well. The size should fit the dimensions of both the room and windows.

The color should not clash with the interior decoration or overall theme of the house. Aside from these characteristics, the material of the curtain should match the insulation, heat and cooling needs of your home. The material must also be easy to clean and maintain.

Perhaps in your area, noise absorption is an important consideration. You must not settle for the first nice set of drapes you see. After all, they will be a part of your everyday life.

Choosing for function: Inside frame versus Outside frame

The most effective window treatments boost the curb appeal of your home while fulfilling a specific function. Before choosing what type of application suits a room, you must be able to establish its function. Is the main point creating a cozy bedroom that allows a restful stay at any time of the day?

Perhaps you are thinking about designing a living room that looks and feels more spacious than the actual available square footage. Decide on the function of the room, and from there you can choose between an inside frame or outside frame.

Certain treatments may only be mounted inside the room, but some implements may be placed on either side of the wall.


Custom window treatments can be costly. Yet, customization may be necessary especially for windows of non-standard size and shape. If you have already figured out the treatment for all the windows of the house, including the openings that are of standard size and shape, how about the round window on the second floor?

You might find it hard to look for shutters or blinds with a circular structure. Many may not view window treatments as a necessity, but you must refrain from neglecting them, or worse, choose not to think about them.

Window treatments add charm and vitality to your home environment. In addition, they also protect you from the elements. The right curtains, shades, or blinds will help in keeping a cozy home environment for your family for a long time.

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