How Much Does It Cost to Have a Rustic Wedding?

If you plan to tie the knot, a Minnesota barn wedding can cost between $25,000 and $30,000 based on a 2018 analysis.

The price of renting a barn or farm will cost almost $6,000 for a low-end venue, while more expensive facilities could reach up to $12,000. A wedding in a coastal state like California and Hawaii will cost more than having it in a landlocked country.

Why Weddings Are Expensive

There are several factors why your wedding can be more expensive than the average range in Minnesota. The guest list is arguably the single biggest reason for this since more people would mean a greater need for food, wedding souvenirs, chairs and tables, and a bigger venue. If you don’t want to make any change to the invitations, there are other ways to reduce your expenses.

For instance, you could create your wedding invitations with the use of online templates. You could also ask a friend or family member to serve as the wedding photographer, which would be their wedding present for you. You might be surprised if more than one person would be willing to do this because it can be quite tricky for guests to think of the perfect gift. Other ways to save money involve being technical such as knowing the off-peak season for renting venues.

Picking a Venue

You should expect to spend around half of your budget for the wedding venue, or 45% of it to be exact. The actual price will depend on the day, time, and month of your preference. A Saturday morning reception will be more expensive than a similar even on a Thursday. The months during spring and fall could be more expensive too because of the favorable weather.

Some full-service barns allow couples to hire their caterers, which could be more practical if you have a different menu in mind. Even if you already decided on a small guest list, be prepared for unexpected arrivals. You could spend as little as $37 for each guest, but it could quickly increase to $572 if you plan a more elaborate reception.

The Cost of Weddings in Other States

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Destination weddings have been a trend in recent years since couples could go on their honeymoon right after their wedding day. Coastal states are more expensive because of the higher cost of living, unlike in the Southern states such as Mississippi.

If you plan to get married in Hawaii, the average wedding costs nearly $39,000. Couples spend extra on the island state because of its limited resources. A rustic wedding also doesn’t seem to fit the environment in a coastal state.

In the end, don’t skimp on the price of a wedding venue, especially if you have a big guest list. While you don’t have to spend a lot on a rental place, you should consider the advantage of paying extra to book a venue with as many facilities as possible. How much are you willing to spend on a rental site for your wedding?

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