Feel the Love: The Perfect Favors for Your Party

One of the most important things a party host should keep in mind when planning is what party favors to get. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a casual birthday party, a shower, an anniversary party, an engagement party or a huge wedding reception — it’s understandable for guests to expect a small token after attending your party.

While giving away party favors isn’t exactly a requirement, it’s still a thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation and gratitude to your guests. They may be small, but party favors work as a reminder of all the memories you shared with your guests on this special day of your life.

But, even with this kind of sentiment, it isn’t unusual for most party favors to be ignored, left behind on the table or worst, get thrown in the trash can. That’s why, if you truly want your guests to enjoy the favors you’ve prepared for them, you have to find ones that they’d find useful and valuable.

Here are some ideas to make yours a truly appreciated token:

1. Choose sweets as your party favors.

These are the safest choices if you want to spend money on party favors that won’t immediately find their way to your guests’ trash cans. Whether they’re homemade or store-bought, a nicely wrapped bag of cookies or candies will surely get eaten, especially if they look delicious.

You can prep some small jars or printed ziplock filled with tasty treats or send chocolate gifts to your guests after the party. UK experts notes that your guests will definitely appreciate the gesture, especially if they have young children. You can also go for healthier choices with less sugar content.

2. Add a personal touch to your party favors.

Handing party favors to guests have become a common custom, which means they’ve also become, more expensive if you choose to buy them. Take the DIY route if you want to save some pennies, but before finalizing your plans, make sure you’re really committed to it.

Remember, coming up with handmade stuff takes a lot of work. Yes, you get to save money, but you’ll have to do manual labor instead. Start by making a few samples first, and then monitor how much time it’ll take for you to make a piece.

After that, determine if you can actually make all the pieces on your own. Adding a personal touch to your party favors means your guests will feel how hard you worked to get them made.

3. Go for practical party favors.

scented candle with green ribbon

This is very simple: if it’s something you personally don’t find useful, then there’s no way your guests will see their value, too. So, if you don’t want to give consumable gifts such as candies and lollipops, give them something that they can actually use in their daily lives.

These don’t have to be expensive at all. A nice scented candle, colorful bath bombs, and even soaps are some of the safest choices.

Keep in mind that practical party favors shouldn’t only be useful; they have to look easy on the eyes as well. Keep all these things in mind when planning your party and have a great time with all of your guests!

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