Creative Ways to Relive Your Travel Memories

When was the last time you traveled? Or do you have a destination in mind planned for the near future? One of the most important things when traveling is to bring back as many memories as you can. You might be wondering how to do this aside from the conventional collection of pictures. Here are some fun and creative ideas you can try.

Start a Collection

Ever wonder what item to pick when you are in an interesing souvenir shop? You can turn your visits to such stores as something intentional. Instead of picking a random thing, you can start a collection, instead.

Get the same item for every place that you have traveled. It can be a magnet, a mug, or a coaster. These are common examples but you can let your imagination stretch a bit. Make sure though that this item is not so strange so that it is available from any place. Then, you can build on your collection.

Mount Your Mementos

Do you have keepsakes that you buy and then tuck away inside drawers? They can get better treatment than this. Instead of keeping them, display them in shadow boxes. These boxes bring life to things and keep them undamaged.

You can put a favorite photo, a unique souvenir item, tickets, or leftover currencies. Lay them out in a fun way that tells a unique story. Then mount your shadow box and let it bring you good memories. You can have an entire wall where you can display your shadow boxes from different travels.

Bring a Piece of the Land

travel souvenirs

One good way to remind yourself that you had stepped on a different land is to bring a part of it back. You can take a scoop of sand from the places you have visited. Then, you can buy clear small jars and label from what place it came from. If you are not particular about a place, choose a big jar and mix them up. This is a nostalgic and inexpensive way of remembering your travels. It is also interesting as you may discover that sand may look different in different areas of the world.

Put Your Trip on Record

There are many ways to capture memories on a journey. It might surprise you that these are not contained in taking photos. If you are a writer at heart, you can keep a travel journal with you. Jot down special moments as you go about your travel. It can be a sight that you cannot forget. It can also be how your meal tastes and what made it stand out. You can also write down a memorable conversation from a random stranger. This will make you smile when you read back on the things you have written.

You can also take advantage of technology to document your travel. You can record important details of your travel and make a mini-movie. If you love music, think of creating a playlist of songs that you have heard while you are at a particular place.

Convert Your Memories to Something Functional

You may choose favorite photos of your trip and place them in something that you use often. It may be a pillow, a mug, or a drawstring bag. It is an excellent way to remind you of special memories. Plus, you will have a unique item with you.

Your travels do not have to be distant memories only. There are many ways to relive them as if they were only yesterday. These ideas can be great conversation starters too. Go ahead and try one and enjoy it.

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