Why Overhauling Your Room Now Is a Great Idea

Everyone’s stuck at home, with more time in our hands than we have ever realized. Some people work from home and find that eight hours of work is actually pretty short if commuting isn’t involved. Now, we only really work for eight hours, and the rest of our time is ours alone. What do we do then, with all the time we suddenly have?

Maybe it’s about time to do something about those renovations projects we’ve held off from doing. We all have renovation plans like changing the living room wallpaper to something more fun, buying a new bed, so sleeping will be a lot more comfortable, or finishing that DIY desk project that’s been gathering dust. Today, we’re going to look at why overhauling your room during this quarantine is a great idea.

You Get to *Finally* Clean Your Room

Admit it, when was the last time you turned your room inside out and cleaned every nook and cranny? General cleaning consumes quite a lot of time, and now that we have time, it’s the best opportunity to pick up that vacuum cleaner and dust every inch of the house. Who knows, you might even find some nostalgic item that will bring those feel-good memories you’ve had from years past. Everyone feels this when cleaning their rooms, right?

Online Shops Are Here for You

A lot of online shops are taking advantage of the fact that people are spending more time browsing and are putting up discounts and sales left and right. Today might be the most convenient time for you to finally purchase that new bedroom furniture you’ve had your eye on. Plus, retail therapy is a thing that’s helping people cope, and the sales and discounts let you indulge all the more.

With the sheer amount of available online retail stores now, overhauling your room from its five-year-old look to something new, and maybe even more useful for your work situation today, is just a click away! Just remember to purchase responsibly.

Something to Do

Having to stay at home really changed everyone’s dynamics and shuffled their routines. A strict schedule of waking up at 5 AM or 6 AM to get to a 7 AM job is now simply not an option. This resulted in people procrastinating and generally being lethargic because we feel we have time to do things later anyway.

We can all agree that this is an unhealthy habit, and planning a renovation is a small step to reintroducing order in our lives. Your room overhaul doesn’t have to be major; you can start small and work your way up there. Anything is acceptable as long as it helps you.


Swipe Off that Cabin Fever

Seeing the same things day in and day out can get tiring. Everyone’s feeling antsy and ill, and it might just be cabin fever. You know, that feeling where you feel all stuffy and irritated at the smallest things? And we get so bored we zone out, and everything begins to feel and look the same? Yeah, that feeling.

However, changing the layout of your room can provide relief: the exercise involved in moving around your stuff can release endorphins that alleviate the mood. And the new environment offers a ‘fresh feeling’ which brings us to the last point:

Fresh Room, Fresh Feeling

We’ve basically committed to memory what the color of our walls is or where the corner table is—so much so that we can probably navigate our house in the dark. Changing the layout or interior of your room is a great way to stave off the feeling of sameness and introduce a new and exciting environment. Why not introduce a theme to your room?

A total room overhaul, with a thematic change on top of it, is sure to give you that feeling of something fresh and new. If you’re up to making working from home more efficient, you can even tailor the design of your room to allow for a more effective working style.

Go Forth and Overhaul

While what’s happening all around the globe isn’t all too positive, we need to keep our chin up. We need to stay busy and make our time at home as productive as we can get. People all over the world have realized that now is the best time to improve their home situation. A small change or a minor adjustment in your home environment can yield great results. If you want to change up your routine or maybe introduce a helpful routine to your life, a room overhaul might just be what you need.

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