Thoughtful Ways We Can Conserve Water at Home

Water is essential for our everyday life, especially at home. We drink it, use it for cleaning, watering our plants, taking a bath, and even cooking. But did you know that we need less than what we typically use? If you get to think about it, you can see points and activities where we can make do with less. Here are some thoughtful ways we can save water in our own homes.

Install an Irrigation System

We don’t usually notice it, since the ground absorbs the water, but watering our lawns with a hose can make us waste more. If you’re into maintaining the bright green of your grass, then you might want to invest in a lawn irrigation system. It makes sure that only the right amount of water is used and also makes the task easier for you. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Wash the Car on the Lawn

Washing your car is another activity that you usually waste a lot of water on. A slightly unusual way to save with this is to do it on the lawn instead of the pavement. The water that you use on the car will go down and irrigate the grass in the process. Just make sure that you use eco-friendly soap when you’re considering this option. You can also put off turning on your sprinklers if you have any. For extra water savings, you can use gray water to do it. Grass doesn’t care about what kind you use as long as it’s not harmful to it.

Make a Habit of Reusing Water

It’s easy to consider using water from the tap or the hose, but we don’t usually think about where it goes after that. It’s often lost to the drain or the ground, and it can be pretty wasteful just using it once if you think about it. Try getting into the habit of collecting water after you do anything with it the first time. You can then use it for an activity that doesn’t need clean water, like washing your car. It can be a bit of work at first, but as you get used to it, it’ll become second nature.

Stop Relying on Water Flow

Residential water filtration

In line with the previous point, it’s also a good idea to turn off sources of water whenever possible. We already know about doing so when we’re not using the shower or the tap. But have you considered turning it off while using it? You can make it a challenge for yourself to wash vegetables and dishes in a basin instead of directly under the tap, for example. This activity lends well to the concept of reusing water.

There are many ways for us to save water, as long as we are mindful and think of where it comes from and where it goes. As we go through our daily activities, we can think of new, creative, and thoughtful strategies of how to handle water and minimize its use and waste. Just keep your eyes and your mind open for opportunities.

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