An age old problem

close up shot of an old woma's teeth

It is almost inevitable that people will lose some of their teeth during their lifetimes. In fact, statistics show that tooth loss in adults is on average 7 teeth with only 25 teeth remaining of the original 32, not including wisdom teeth. So patients need to feel rest assured that they will not be judged …

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Essential Tips Every Business Traveler Should Know About

two executives riding a train

Your business and its operation may sometimes entail traveling over land, sea, and/or air to meet investors or possible partners, scout and procure equipment and supplies, or promoting your brand and business. So, whether you’re a business owner, partner, or employee, traveling for work or business is going to be a regular part of your …

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Grilling Now: Best Dishes to Pair with Kabobs

Chicken kebob

When it comes to culinary gifts hailing from the Middle East, there’s nothing as more iconic as a kabob. Its versatility is well-documented, and its simplicity ironically gives some sophisticated and delicious tastes. This is why it is one of the many dishes enjoyed by most Americans. What’s good about this particular fare is that …

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Infections Can be Stopped Before They Get Worse

child with an infection

There is a tendency in some parts of the world to grin and bear little injuries. In most cases, these people are better off than those who rush to the ER because of the common cold. However, their confidence in their immune system may prevent them from identifying early infections. So, what are the common …

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