How Much Should You Spend to Hire a Professional Organizer?

Are you looking for some professional home organizers in Seattle? You might encounter different quotes, but the actual price depends on several factors, such as their skills and years of experience.

You can hire a part-time organizer, who might either be a stay-at-home parent or a college student. However, you should know that these people don’t have necessarily have licenses or certifications. While it can be tempting to hire them based on the price alone, it’s better to hire a professional for your specific job. An expert also knows the right solutions, primarily if the need for organizing arose due to a significant life change, such as divorce or death.

How Professionals Charge

Most contractors usually charge per hour, while others quote rates per day or per project. The price also varies when you hire an independent professional over someone who works for a company. It’s possible to ask for a project-based quote instead of paying an hourly rate. You should consider hiring a professional who is affiliated with certain industry groups, including the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

This guarantees that the contractor observes certain guidelines and standards. Aside from industry affiliation, a professional’s educational background also serves an important factor for hiring the right professional. Those who specialize in residential organizing usually hold a bachelor’s degree in interior design or another art-related degree.

When Should You Hire an Organizer?

Busy parents, widows or widowers, and senior citizens comprise some of the usual clients of professional organizers. These people don’t have the time or energy to maintain a neat house. In other cases, a client can hire a contractor when the job seems too emotional. It could be a task involving stuff left by a recently deceased loved one, or empty-nesters who are unsure of what to do with the things left behind by their children.

If you are single and plan to work from home indefinitely, your home office can benefit from the services of a residential organizer. Learn as much as you can from a contractor, preferably from their online site where you could see their work samples.

Expert Tips


Another benefit of hiring a professional involves the expert knowledge that you could gain, as opposed to an ordinary person who would just sort thing and declutter space for you. A good professional should know where you could see instant results from organizing a room or space. As an example, kitchen drawers are often riddled with several packets of condiments.

They should also encourage you to be self-reliant. While it’s good business for them to have repeat clients, some professionals take pride when their customers learn to organize things by themselves.

In the end, there are different kinds of professional organizers, including those who even customize computer programs. With that in mind, when choosing an expert organizer for homes, you need to ask about their credentials and experience before making a decision. It’s better to consult at least three different people to compare the best rates.

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