Dental care in Clapham.

Founding fathers

Clapham is an area in the centre of London, renowned for its bustling high-street shopping and amenities, diverse social history and it’s strongly established sense of community – whilst still being slap in the centre of London’s busy metropolis. One notable early resident of Clapton was Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America, and revolutionary experimental scientist. It was in the ponds of Clapton Common that Franklin first carried out his ‘oil on water’ experiments which were fundamental in establishing the basis of modern surface chemistry. Also in clapton are many of the cities most revered medical and dental practices, which cater to all clientele across the city.

Fountain of youth


One such practitioners that has helped the area earn it’s esteem in the field of cosmetic dentistry is Clapham South Dental Centre who are an NHS and privately backed dentist and cosmetic orthodontist who offer a wide array of patient orientated, bespoke treatments that are catered around the individual needs and requirements of each specific patient. Not all of the treatments here are dentistry based however, as they also offer facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox injections. Botox treatment involves injecting a botulinum toxin directly into facial muscles, to help relieve signs of ageing such as brow-lines or wrinkles. The process of injecting Botox is only carried out by trained professionals that the patient trusts and feels comfortable with – and the procedure itself only takes about 15 minutes, depending on the level of treatment required. Botulinum, when injected into the face, targets the small muscles that cause expression lines and wrinkles, and relaxes them by blocking the nerves that trigger movement. This freezing of targeted nerves results in the patients face appearing younger and smoother, and the results can be clearly seen almost directly after injected and can last up to 6 months. Patients who undergo Botox treatment find it can vastly boost their self-esteem and restore a youthful appearance and vitality.

Unseen wonders

Another treatment which can improve a patient’s self-esteem and confidence is the installation of discrete orthodontics such as Invisible braces and Invisalign. Invisible braces are similar to typical ‘train-track’ braces that are fused to the front of a patient’s teeth, however they are not made from carbon alloy metals that are clearly visible from the outside – but rather clear plastics or ceramics that make them virtually impossible to detect. This procedure is generally favoured by children and teenagers as they are unseen from the outside and as such the user can enjoy discrete dental alignment, without attracting any unwanted attention. Another, similar treatment is the installation of a Invisalign mouthguard. Unlike invisible braces, Invisalign is a removable form of orthodontic treatment that can be worn at a patient’s leisure. The installation consists of a custom made mouthguard being made from a patient’s teeth, constructed from patented SmartTrack® plastic. When worm for the length of treatment (typically up to 12 months) the mouthguard aligns the users teeth to the specifications discussed beforehand with a dental practitioner of their choosing. Invisalign treatment is a much sought after alternative to conventional orthodontics that is favoured by young adults and teenagers as they can wear the mouthguard at a time that suits them – such as during sleep – and thus undergo corrective alignment treatment without peers or colleagues noticing. This can massively boost their self-esteem and confidence, whilst simultaneously restoring their smiles to their desired specifications.

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