What to Wear on Your First Horseback Riding Experience

Like with any other sports, horseback riding requires proper attire for better experience and control. Your normal day-to-day clothing isn’t safe for a horse ride, so if you want to make it out unharmed and alive, you need to follow the right dress code.

Believe it or not, a majority of horseback riding accidents happen due to riders not wearing the right set of attire. That’s why if you want to have a pleasant riding experience, you need to wear proper attire that will keep you stay and comfortable. To give you a quick lesson on this, here’s what you need to know.


When it comes to riding, one thing you can never miss is the helmet. It’s important to protect your head at all cost to avoid serious injury if ever something unfortunate happens. The helmet is vital whenever you ride a horse. Whether it’s for the purposes of having fun or racing professionally, you can never not wear your helmet.

For this, the most important point you have to remember is to find a helmet that fits perfectly to your head. Not to loose or tight as it could bring so much discomfort to you as soon as you start the ride.


Boots is another important gear you need to pay attention to. You need a set of boots that hug your calves perfectly and has about an inch heel so that it wouldn’t slip off the stirrup once you ride. Luckily, you can find a variety of women and men’s cowboy boots for sale on most old west shops so it wouldn’t be hard to find something that fits.

Riding Pants

For the bottoms, it is advisable to wear tight-fitting trousers that reach your ankle. Jodphur pants or also known as breeches are pants that are designed to provide riders with the flexibility and movement they need to control the horse gait. These are the type of bottoms that may be body-hugging but are comfortable enough for this activity. Jeans are not entirely encouraged for this activity as it may cause rub burns as you maneuver the horse.

Shirts or Tops

A woman petting a horse

There are no specific style or design for shirts. However, it’s important to put comfort and mobility on top of your choices. You also need to dress up according to the weather. If it’s cold during the time you go horseback riding, wear something that will keep you warm. Just don’t compromise your comfort. Additionally, try to avoid wearing a jacket or coats with a lot of buttons because it might get tangled with reins and bridle of the horse as you ride them.


Last but not the least, you need to pick a good pair of gloves for a better grip. For professional riders who have extensive riding experience, this is optional, but if you’re just learning how to ride a horse, it’s a must. You need special gloves because regular ones may slip off which may put you at disadvantage.

Proper riding attire is your key to safety when it comes to this type of activity. May this serve as a guide whenever you decide to go on a horseback riding adventure. One thing you have to remember when choosing your apparel is to always go for a fit that is comfortable enough. This way, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident as you start galloping.

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