Valentine’s Day Ideas for Brits Who Don’t Break the Bank

Count on the Brits to go big and grand on Valentine’s Day. In a data from Statista, the British spent a whopping £620 million. By 2018, the experts believed that it could grow by £30 million. It’s even a higher jump from 2015 to 2016, which increased by only £10 million.

Most of the people exchange or give away confectionery, according to IBISWorld. For those who want to be unique, this is not the route to take. Brits can still give something unique and intimate without breaking the bank and going with the norm. Here are a few ideas:

Romantic Dinner at Home

Most couples in the UK dine out on Valentine’s Day. Unless they book their favourite restaurant a few weeks before, they might struggle to get a reservation during this time. It also means that menus can be pricier than on a regular day.

Those on a tight budget can consider a romantic dinner at home. Set up the table in the dining room and dim the lights. They can also bring the kitchen in the yard. For food, they can buy food hampers online in the UK. They can choose among wine and international food collections. These items can cost less than £30. They make fantastic gifts, too.

Love Coupons


Love coupons are an excellent way to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s anytime, even the entire year. The concept is simple: couples create redeemable customised vouchers. They can include a movie night, a picnic in the park; the sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas. Online, especially in websites such as Pinterest, are the different designs they can use for inspiration. Some might already be printable.

Ghost Tours

For couples who fancy a one-of-a-kind romantic evening, they can forego with the dinner and opt for a ghost hunting tour instead. The options are many. These include tracing the paths of Jack the Ripper or recounting the stories in Highgate Cemetery. They can also tour in style aboard a yacht or a fancy bus.

Netflix and Chill

Brits love Netflix, and on Valentine’s Day, what better way to combine the lovely things than streaming a movie while cuddling and kissing? Couples can get creative as well. They can spread a blanket, get a bottle of wine and dine on canapes and other cocktail food. This idea is cheaper than watching a movie in an overcrowded theatre, but the experience can be extraordinary.

Walk with No Pre-determined Destination

Many cities in the UK are lovely to stroll around, and they become even romantic at night time. Instead of squeezing yourselves in restaurants, hotels, and movie theatres, get up and walk around. The challenge, though, is to do it without a pre-determined destination. Let the mood, connection, and spontaneity dictate or make the plan.

Sure, people can spread love anytime they like, but Valentine’s Day will always be the date to make it a must-do. It doesn’t need to be expensive. From romantic dinners at home to casual strolls, couples can be with each other and celebrate their relationship without spending a lot.

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