What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a type of restorative dentistry that essentially strives to replace one, several, or possibly even a whole row of missing teeth in the mouth! Dental implants are often regarded as the best form of tooth replacement within the modern field of dentistry and essentially they consist of three key aspects. The titanium root, the abutment and the crown.

So what is so good about them?

Dental implants are extremely popular in the field of restorative dentistry and have been deemed as a long-term and very durable solution to unwanted spaces within the mouth.  Despite this however many patients may be unsure of the way in which they restore both the function and the aesthetic appearance of a smile.

Helping you regain the function of your smile

Losing one or even several teeth from within the mouth, whether this be due to oral diseases and infections such as gum disease, or an incident such as falling off a bike, can have a detrimental effect on the function of your smile, but also on your self-confidence.

How can implant dentistry help you?

Patients who are experiencing missing teeth may find that it is extremely uncomfortable to partake in daily dental tasks such as eating, drinking, and brushing teeth. In addition to discomfort caused by gaps within the mouth a speech disfigurement may also occur, commonly referred to as a lisp, which can make patients feel insecure and possibly hinder both their social and career prospects.

Do I need to replace my missing teeth?

Dental implants are considered as a substantial financial investment for many patients within the field of modern dentistry, which is why many individuals may refrain from getting their tooth replaced. If you are considering leaving your missing tooth exposed it may be a good idea to make yourself aware of the consequences first!

Increasing your risk of developing oral diseases and infections

Dentist visit

Aside from being extremely uncomfortable or possibly even painful when attempting to brush, eat, and even drink normally, an exposed gum can unfortunately act as a breeding ground for oral bacteria. To explain in further detail, an exposed gum which is caused by the absence of one, or even several missing teeth from within the mouth, can be a perfect place for tartar and plaque to accumulate, missing teeth can make it hard to keep your mouth clean. The oral bacteria that unfortunately builds up can progress into the development of oral diseases and infections, such as gum disease, to name just one common example.

Feeling nervous about receiving your dental implants?

Dental anxiety is extremely common and despite common misconception is actually experienced by patients of all ages. If you are experiencing nerves or have questions prior to your implant appointment, then it may be worth getting in touch with your local clinic to express your worries!

Do I have to pay for my implants upfront?

No! These days many clinics now offer monthly finance plans, this allows a larger number of patients to achieve their dream smile, by spreading the cost of their chosen dental treatment over the course of many months.

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