Easy ways to improve the smile

The quality of a person’s smile can make a huge difference when it comes to feeling confident.  It has never been more desirable to have straight, bright and white teeth.  Having these attributes can make people look younger and more attractive.  This can help them to be more successful in all areas of life, including their career, social life and love life.  This guide explores ways that the smile can be upgraded with minimal effort, including straight teeth at home London, professional cleaning and teeth whitening.

Teeth straightening

Many people are under the illusion that having their teeth straightened needs to be a painful and time-intensive process that requires multiple visits to the dentist or orthodontist.  Fortunately, correcting teeth that are misaligned has never been more convenient or easy thanks to options such as straightening teeth at home.

This kind of treatment involves getting braces delivered to the patient’s home after an initial assessment period. Clear braces are prescribed to fit the patient exactly, and when a new set is required every couple of weeks, they simply await their arrival.  This means that the patient can get the smile they have always wanted whilst being able to get on with their lives with minimum interruption or inconvenience.

Professional cleaning

It is easy to underestimate the difference that a professional clean from a hygienist or dentist can make to the quality of a smile.  Brushing twice daily and flossing before bed are instrumental in keeping the teeth clean and looking good, but there will always be areas that cannot be reached with a cleaning regime at home.

Getting a professional clean, or scale and polish as it is known, removes any plaque that has built up and can also be very helpful in removing the signs of staining or yellowing due to ageing or habits such as tea and coffee consumption or even smoking.  This type of cleaning makes brushing at home more productive and helps the patient to get and maintain a great smile.

dentist attending to the needs of patient

Teeth whitening

The internet is awash with teeth whitening solutions that claim to transform the smile.  Many shops also sell these products, promising to remove stains and give the buyer the bright white teeth that they desire.  However, these products are not the most efficient means of whitening the teeth.  Most have minimal impact, and some can even cause damage to the teeth by compromising the integrity of their enamel.

Teeth whitening that is provided by a dentist is safe and highly efficacious.  It also does not require a lot of intervention by the dentist.  The patient has an initial consultation during which the dentist advises on whether the patient is a suitable candidate for whitening and creates a record of the teeth.  This record allows them to create whitening trays that fit perfectly.

The next step is for the patient to be issued with whitening trays alongside a special gel that is used at nighttime.  After that, it is simply a case of wearing the trays with the gel during sleep for a couple of weeks before the whitening treatment is complete.

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