The importance of maintaining a happy smile

One of the most useful outcomes of surveys such as The Australian Camera-Ready Smile initiated by the Oral Health Advisory Panel (OHAP), is that the results highlight the importance of maintaining oral health. Findings from a recent survey showed just how important it is to love the look of your smile.

Using selfies of others, respondents were asked to evaluate the attractiveness of the selfies. A huge 57 per cent of Australian adults interviewed were of the opinion that the smile was the most likeable aspect of those selfies.

It is no wonder then that we attach a great importance to the look of our smiles. But interestingly a significant 58 per cent of survey respondents acknowledged being self-conscious about flashing their teeth when they smiled.

There are numerous issues that can make one reticent about smiling wide toothy smiles. From misalignment issues to overcrowding to discoloured teeth to gaps in between teeth, the orthodontic and cosmetic dental industries have seen a flurry of patients seeking consultations for treatments involving Invisalign Sydney CBD, dental implants and professional teeth whitening.

We depend on our smiles to express emotion and they are used as a tool for engagement in social and professional situations. Others form an impression of who we are based on the smile we smile. A confident smile is the best indicator of our friendliness, intelligence, leadership potential, kindness, warmth and approachability. Seen in this light, it is quite clear that maintaining a healthy smile is all-important for living a rewarding life.

Impact of a beautiful smile

smiling with invisalign

Psychosocial wellness

Most don’t immediately associate the ability to smile confidently to mental wellbeing, but the links are however undeniably strong. Being too shy to smile openly because of embarrassment due to gaps in teeth or crooked teeth can mean not having the confidence to pursue relationships and missing out on love, friendships and career advancement opportunities.

Look more youthful

This benefit of smiling is activated when facial muscles are pulled in an upward direction which causes sagging areas to be lifted. This lift has a wondrous effect in giving the face a youthful and energetic look.

Promote happiness within

Like the previous benefit, another good reason to smile is that the act encourages you to feel happier and more positive. When activated, the muscles involved in smiling send a message to the brain telling it to step up the production of feel-good chemicals. Smiling mirrors the boost of positivity, energy and happiness triggered by exercise.

Health benefits to the body

For many people, smiling more has shown health benefits such as decrease in blood pressure, less pain, positive impact on stress and helps strengthen the immune system.

Health benefits to dental health

In the same way that you will want to protect any treasure you have, it is only natural for those who have opted for dental treatments (cosmetic or orthodontic) to want to protect the pleasing results. Cosmetic and orthodontic treatments encourage patients to make concerted efforts in looking after their oral health, to ensure the longevity of their happy smiles.

Why let your relationships with the outside world suffer? When consulting for a dental treatment always remember that it is vital to have expert advice.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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