Unique Jobs to Pursue for Beauty Enthusiasts

The beauty industry is among the most popular fields for creative and artists looking to use their talents and skills in work. This continuously growing industry generally offers impressive benefits for creative professionals. Choosing to thrive in the field of beauty allows you to help others feel more confident, practice what you love, and take advantage of flexible working schedules.

But besides all that, this industry offers multiple high-paying career options that can surely improve your knowledge, skills, and experience. For this blog, instead of talking about the most well-known beauty jobs, we’re about to explore some of the unique and the most unusual jobs in the industry that you might want to consider trying out. Check them out below.

Special effects makeup artist

While this job is already a popular career in the industry, becoming a special effects makeup artist is still no doubt a unique job to take on. This work includes the use of various tools such as makeup, prosthetics, and liquid latex, providing performers with the appearance of deformities, wounds, and other extraordinary features.

To start with this career, you can choose to enroll in a cosmetology school or attend training or a program for special effects makeup. You can then start building your portfolio by going on an internship. You can earn an annual salary of around $70,000 or up from this job.

Micropigmentation artist

Not familiar? Well, first off, micropigmentation (often called permanent makeup) is a cosmetic procedure that involves placing tiny and hypoallergenic mineral pigment into the skin. This is typically used to enhance the eyebrows, the eyes, the lips, and the skin itself. Others also use it to enhance the appearance of their hairline.

Becoming a micropigmentation artist allows you to be one of the modern specialists in the industry of beauty and cosmetics. It’s best to have formal micropigmentation training followed by an appropriate apprenticeship to master the techniques and procedure. On average, becoming an experienced micropigmentation artist can earn up to $80,000 per year.

Face feeler

Did you know that there’s a job where you can get paid to feel another person’s face? Before you laugh, hear this out first. This professional career is actually responsible for testing personal care products, including razors to face cleansers. Also called sensory scientists, face feelers are trained to determine the effect of a product tested by a consumer or client. You’ll need to take several months of training and practice before you can be a face feeler. You can earn up to $25 per hour from working as a part-time face feeler.

skin procedure

Lipstick reader

As its name suggests, a lipstick reader is someone who will read your lips through lipstick prints. This basically works by requiring the clients to kiss a white card while wearing their favorite shade of lipstick. The specialist will then assess the person’s personality. From the print’s lip impressions and color of the lipstick, you can be identified as creative, warm, friendly, trustworthy, or balanced. This makeup-related job is indeed a funky one to consider. Top-earning lip readers can earn up to around $80,000.

Product namer

If you think that all of those catchy and quirky names of beauty and cosmetic products are merely results of team collaborations, there’s actually one person who gets paid to come up with that. Witty product namers name those brilliant product labels you see when you shop. This job is typically on demand when a brand plans to release its seasonal collections. Not convinced this is actually a job that you could make a living? Well, working at big companies and brands as a product name can allow you to earn about $50,000 and up per name. Yes, you read it right, per product name!

Mobile esthetician

If you’re passionate about beauty and travel, then this job is perfect for you. This fairly popular job involves going to different locations to perform skincare treatments for photo shoots, events, and more. Depending on your state, becoming a licensed and established esthetician requires exams, professional experience, and training. You’d also likely need to get liability insurance, a business license, and a driver’s license to operate. Top earners in this career earn up to around $100,000 a year.

We hope that this list gives you a better idea and inspiration to think about the right type of job to pursue in the beauty industry. Still, keep in mind that these tips are merely recommendations, and it’s totally up to you to decide where you can thrive and flourish. Choose what you love and passionate about.

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