Traits That Make People More Attractive

Attractiveness is the confidence you have within. It all starts with the acceptance and appreciation you have for yourself. Once you learn how to love yourself, you will realize how much you’ve grown and improved in and out.

While there isn’t a need to seek approval from others, some people feel better when they are perceived desirable and attractive. There’s nothing wrong with craving for appreciation every once in a while, we’re only human. But what you must realize is that how others see you should be less important than how you see yourself. Love yourself first.

After that, you can work on enhancing your personality and your look. Not only to become beautiful to others, but for yourself as well. Here are a few things you can keep in mind.

A Perfect Smile

The first trait that makes a us attractive is our smile. Happiness equates to appreciation. If you’re happy, you tend to wash away all worries. It also goes with your teeth. Several studies show that the whiter your teeth are, the more attractive you are. That is why it is essential to take good care of your teeth because it gives you a perfect smile.

Of course, not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth. Most often than not, you’ll need the help of a dentist and orthodontist to achieve that. It’s interesting to note that orthodontics now uses 3d printing to create aligners that fit perfectly — minimizing discomfort and improving appearance at the same time.

Silky and Healthy Hair

Your hair, your style is the second feature that makes you attractive. Your hair completes your look and vibe that goes with the flow of your style. Whether you prefer long or short hair, as long as it makes you feel confident, you will definitely stand out.

Going to the salon for hair treatments is a way to take good care of your hair. Remember, your hair can dictate your style, and it also boosts your confidence if you think you have the perfect do.

Good Grooming, Of Course

Good grooming and cleanliness are, of course, important to anyone. Not just for keeping a healthy lifestyle but also to keep a good impression on others. It is self-care that reflects how strong and healthy you are as a person. It makes you elegant, confidently beautiful, and attractive.

How you carry yourself is also a factor in how people see you. For example, properly dressing up for an occasion reflects your attitude toward life in general.  If you like dressing well, it means you value your own look and how people will perceive you.

woman smiling on a field

Letting Your Natural Beauty Shine

Wearing makeup can undeniably make a woman more attractive. Sometimes letting your natural beauty shine is better. It’s important to note that there is nothing wrong with using cosmetics. If you are comfortable with them and they boost your confidence, then go ahead and keep the habit. It will always be your choice, as long as you are comfortable and happy.

If you’re using makeup, though, make sure to choose the right shades for your complexion. You can ask the store’s product consultants to help you pick the right color and brand. Just remember that wearing too much makeup may harm your skin, so it should be complemented with a skin regimen.

A Funny Bone

Studies show that being funny makes people attractive and interesting. It makes you agreeable because you don’t tend to take things too seriously. Having a sense of humor gives you an inviting and fun personality that makes people gravitate toward you.

Smart is Sexy

Intelligence is the new sexy. It gives an impression of strength and independence. Smart people are known for their ability to handle any task effectively and efficiently. People will likely come to you for advice or simply to have meaningful conversations.

Also, intelligence makes us far more interesting than outer beauty. By this, we’re not talking about being book smart. A pretty face is the first stage of attraction, that’s true. But after that, we will long for something deeper, and it helps we realize that person is more than just beautiful. They have a great personality. When two personalities are a perfect fit, that would be the start of a lasting relationship.

All women, and men, are beautiful in their own right. However, having the confidence and radiating personality makes us attractive to other people. And to achieve that, we must start within ourselves. We must start by accepting and loving our “self”.

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