How to easily improve the appearance of a smile?

One of the most popular ways in which individuals can cosmetically improve the appearance of their smile is by using teeth whitening Harley Street. This easy and fast solution brightens and whitens teeth, removing potentially decades of stains and transforming an individual’s entire appearance.

Whiter teeth look younger, healthier and as a result, look more attractive and appealing to those who see it. This boosts an individual’s confidence and most likely has them smiling more!

By understanding the science behind whitening teeth, individuals can determine whether this kind of treatment is going to be effective for them and also make some plans to ensure that the procedure lasts for as long as possible. This means that patients can get the most out of their investment and can enjoy a whiter and healthier looking smile for longer.

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Who is whitening teeth for?

Most people find that their teeth begin to yellow over time and this can be due to a number of reasons. Most commonly it is staining caused by diet; eating foods such as curry or drinking beverages such as coffee, tea or red wine. Other culprits to staining include smoking and poor oral hygiene routines.

These can be easily treated with a good clean by a professional and a whitening treatment, which uses certain chemicals to break through and remove stains, even ones built up over many years.

Other causes of yellowing teeth are a little more difficult. Certain illnesses and the subsequent necessary medicine can cause discolouration to teeth, including asthma medication, medication for high blood pressure and for those on chemotherapy to fight cancer.

Interestingly, as the enamel thins on teeth, either due to over brushing or simply from age they can appear more yellow as well.

By approaching a dentist and discussing lifestyle choices, diet, any health conditions and other factors that might be of use in determining the cause of staining, patients and dentists can work out together a suitable plan to improve the appearance of their teeth. Should whitening not be an option, there are alternatives available.

How does it work?

There are two kinds of whitening treatments that are offered by a professional; a treatment that is performed in the dental practice and one that can be taken away and completed in the comfort of one’s own home.

Both are equally as effective, however, the potency of the home kit is less because it is designed to be worn on the teeth for longer, generally overnight. All of the tools that are required are provided, including a custom made tray that moulds to the patient’s teeth to allow for optimal coverage and therefore optimal final results.

During the in practice session, the treatment will be completed in under a half-hour and is sped along by a UV light. Teeth can be a little sensitive for the next day or so but this will go away with time.

By avoiding eating any product that could stain their teeth immediately after the treatment, patients can enjoy their whiter teeth for longer.

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