Do These Things to Save the Economy During the Pandemic

There is no telling when or how the spread of COVID-19 will stop. But the only thing that is sure today is that wherever you are in the world, strict economic restrictions or lockdown may happen anytime. These government restrictions have affected many government businesses, as they basically shut down most economic activities consequently caused many companies to go bust. Restaurants, hair salons, and other leisure centers were either forced to close or went bankrupt.

These economic restrictions caused people to lose their jobs, limited recreation, closed small startups and other businesses that had been thriving. But with the promise of a vaccine, many states have decided to lift the restrictions for some businesses offering essential services. These include dental clinics, restaurants, cafes, spas and hair salons. And everyone can help in lifting the economy by simply patronizing these stores. Sometimes, the best way to get out of an economic slump is to buy local.

Buying Local Products, Hiring Local Services

Buying local allows small enterprises to survive and provide employment to the community. When you avail of services such as haircuts for men and women from your local barbershop or hiring the services of the nearby garage shop, you are helping build the local economy. These small enterprises contribute to employment.

Many observers agree that personal hygiene and self-care will become even more vital after the pandemic. And with more establishments opening to the public, they foresee that hygiene is essential to maintain the usual number of customers that they accept. However, the numbers would most likely be limited, as most companies would still need to comply with prevailing restrictions.

For barber shops, salons, and spas, the clientele might even be fewer. Owners must provide barriers in between clients and provide enough distance between them. Aside from that, clients are now advised to book an appointment in advance to keep interaction minimal and avoid overcrowding.

Some of these salons have started offering home calls and home appointments to provide to clients who might be restricted from leaving their homes, such as the elderly and those who have health preconditions. Some only offer haircuts, as other hair treatments might take longer (such as a color treatment) that might not be the best for everyone.

You could also keep your membership in other establishments, such as gyms and restaurants.Don’t cancel them, instead consider taking online classes, gift cards and vouchers from these establishments to help them stay afloat.

Volunteer and Donate

Volunteering in your community will do a lot in helping frontline workers and medical staff in dealing with the surge of patients. You could also donate food, clothes and blankets to the homeless. Just remember to wash and clean thoroughly all donated items. Pack them in sealed bags so they will be uncontaminated when you donate them.

You could also volunteer your time in teaching online classes or providing technical lessons to parents and kids who need guidance for their online classes and meetings. Many parents and students find online lessons challenging, so if you have the technical expertise, share it with your neighbors.

Order Online

You might think this is not helping the economy, but it is one of the industries that is rising rapidly. In a few months, online orders increased last year, and with that the increase in delivery drivers, carriers, and logistics staff. When you order online, you are not only helping many businesses but also helping your community by providing employment to those who have been laid off.

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Comply with Community Restrictions

Lastly, you should comply with the health restrictions to quickly end this pandemic. Remember that strict limits, such as the lockdown orders, get only implemented following a surge of infection. The essential thing to do is to comply with health measures to prevent the rise of infection rates and avoid the reimplementation of restrictions.

It would be best if you were not dependent on local authorities or your state senators’ plea to reopen various businesses. These businesses will eventually be allowed to reopen once the health situation improves.

If your local authorities decide to allow the reopening of businesses, follow the guidelines that they have set. Follow the businesses’ policies, such as the minimum prescribed social distancing measures and required protective masks.

Despite this sound logic, there are still people who willfully disobey health guidelines as if they feel restricted and their freedoms curtailed. In these cases, businesses have no choice but to bar their entry in public spaces. Remember that we are all together in this pandemic, and your actions are sure to contribute to the quick return to a more normal life for everyone.

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