Top Beauty Vloggers in Singapore

Today, people look up to many social influencers for many things: cooking, exercising, exploring fun hobbies, and beauty. It’s fairly common for the leading authorities on beauty from Vogue to Chanel to post YouTube videos on the skincare and makeup routines of celebrities, models, and other influencers. Such videos inspire avid internet users, especially teenagers and young adults, to enhance their own skincare and makeup routines to, in turn, enhance their own beauty.

Through these influencers, people are also learning more about the leading beauty trends today. One of such trends is making proper investments in self-care. People are now more open to investing in the best dental clinic in their area to improve their dental health. Another growing trend in the beauty world is the emphasis on self-care in many forms. It can come in the form of exercising, eating the right food (even transitioning to a plant-based diet), or mindfulness meditation.

In Singapore today, these social media influencers or vloggers are at the forefront of enhancing one’s beauty:

Tiffany Yong

As someone who has much experience in the entertainment industry as an actress, Tiffany Yong has successfully transitioned to being a social media influencer. She uses her position to explore various beauty products and give honest reviews about them. Her ultimate goal is to help the public make more informed and smart decisions before purchasing various beauty products.

But her range doesn’t just start and end with beauty products. She also explores various activities that would help promote self-care. Back in 2014, she openly talked about the importance of getting her teeth whitened at a dental clinic. Thus, she’s proving that beauty is not just about skincare and haircare. It’s really about one’s whole body.

Rosanne Tang

In the world of beauty and self-care, starting a business and using one’s influence to secure the success of the business is a fairly common practice. It’s what Kylie Jenner did when she launched her line of beauty products, Kylie Cosmetics. This is what Rosanne Tang is also doing. As the founder of BloomKIT, a brand of topline makeup brushes, she shares her knowledge and skills with her audience of more than 100 thousand. She has been in the beauty business for over 10 years now, especially having gained knowledge from beauty experts at the London School of Beauty & Makeup.

What really sets her apart from other beauty vloggers is her dedication to education. She launched the Bloom Pro Academy to help further spread her lessons on beauty in Singapore. Her fans, students, and other interested individuals can visit her at her studio, Bloom by Rosanne—the perfect place to enhance, embrace, and celebrate beauty.

Tina Yong

beauty products

When people think about beauty vloggers and Singapore, most of them immediately think of Tina Yong. With a YouTube channel that has almost 3.3 million subscribers, she is easily one of the most popular online figures in Singapore.

What makes her most popular is her series, “Tina Tries It.” To date, she has made 271 episodes on this series. She has been exploring the most unorthodox skincare products that she could find. She tries out trending (but definitely weird) makeup trends that are rising on the internet. This show has made her very popular because she bravely tries out things that most people are afraid of.

Much like Tang, Yong also took advantage of her influence by launching three brands, Tina Creative, Mark & Scribe, and Petite Cosmetics to make beauty products and fashion pieces more accessible to the Singaporean public.

Leanne Ho

Most people might think that teenagers and young adults can only be inspired by fellow teenagers and young adults when it comes to beauty trends. And that may be true in other parts of the world. But in Singapore, that’s not necessarily the case. And that is because of Leanne Ho.

A woman and mother in her late forties, she has been in the beauty industry for a very long time. She has worked with the likes of Harper’s Bazaar and Her World. Because of her extensive experience in this industry, she’s actually one of the best people to teach young adults about beauty and self-love. Her website, loveforskincare, is the go-to platform for all things beauty.

When it comes to beauty, people can turn to many resources for tips and knowledge. They can scroll through many social media pages, flip through magazines, and explore websites. But watching beauty vloggers is often considered the best way to learn more about beauty. Vloggers give a more personal and human touch to their videos, making it much easier to engage with and influence the audience.

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