Do you want an improved smile? It could be time for Invisalign!

If you’ve been looking for a dentist in London to help you realign your smile, then you may have already discovered that there are many different options for addressing your alignment issues. From traditional fixed metal braces to alternative solutions that are discreet and convenient, the range caters for all alignment needs. While there are options to have veneers in London to address mild alignment issues, these may not be suitable if your teeth are healthy and you are happy with the uniformity and appearance of them in terms of shape and shade. Instead, one particular treatment that is used to treat mild to moderate alignment causes for concern is Invisalign. Issues such as crowded or gapped teeth, over or underbites, or crossbites may be addressed using this removable aligner system. The aligners are extremely difficult to spot, when they are being worn, so they can afford you the freedom to wear them wherever you are, without having to worry about people staring at your smile. Your confidence shouldn’t take a hit with Invisalign treatment.

How does Invisalign work?

girl wearing aligner

Invisalign involves treatment with clear plastic aligners that are placed over the teeth and only the teeth should then be visible to other people. They push the teeth into the desired position over time and need to be changed every couple of weeks. A dentist will provide you with enough aligners to last you between your check-ups, which should be around every 6 weeks during your treatment. The aligners are made bespoke for you and dentists will use a digital scan to get the exact measurements that are required to have the aligners manufactured for your mouth. This iTero technology can also be used to create an animation of how your teeth will appear, once your treatment is completed. With bespoke treatment, you can expect maximum comfort from Invisalign, as well as the motivation to wear the aligners, when you know how great the outcome is going to be.

Removable convenience

The fact that the aligners may be removed offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it means that you don’t have to worry about changing your diet to avoid damaging them. You can also take them out for cleaning your teeth, which will mean you can continue to do an excellent job with your oral hygiene routine. In fact, a dentist should recommend that you can remove the aligners for 2 hours each day, allowing you to also have time to take them out for doing other things such as playing sports or the piano – whatever you choose to do, it’s up to you!

Is it for me?

To discover more about Invisalign, you need to find a dentist who offers this treatment. Some dentists are members of an exclusive Invisalign club called ‘Invisalign Top 50 Providers Club in Europe’ and this can also be referred to as Diamond Apex providers, meaning that they have completed thousands of Invisalign treatments. These dentists should certainly have the skill, expertise and knowledge to advise you on the appropriateness of Invisalign for your specific alignment issues. Just book in with them to find out more and get a smile that is improved and Invisalign-tastic!

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