The Steps to a Straight Smile

The Invisalign process is one that many individuals have walked through before and as a result, it has been finely tuned and perfected to ensure the most enjoyable and convenient teeth straightening journey possible.

One of the secrets behind the effectiveness of this treatment is the use of the iTero intraoral scanner, a specifically designed digital scanner that gathers all the necessary information on the alignment of teeth in one simple step, something that patients can benefit from throughout their entire treatment.

The first step to a straight smile involves having a scan and this then shows patients through the subsequent steps that they will need in order to have that straight smile they are looking for. This visual representation is important and provides insight and motivation to individuals who are looking to go through the process.

The scanner provides detailed information that dentists can use to build the aligners that are worn by patients throughout the treatment. Each aligner is built from a strong, clear plastic and shaped to the precise dimensions of their teeth and the movement that they should be pushed through during that stage of their treatment.

Every 2 to 3 weeks, another aligner will be worn and over the course of several months, teeth are gradually shifted into their ideal position, in a gradual and convenient way. In order to maintain this position at the end of the treatment, a retainer will need to be worn. It does not need to be worn as often as the aligners themselves, which is about 22 hours each day, but they should generally be worn at night to hold the teeth into position and allow ligaments to relax into their new placement.

smiling with invisalign

Although it differs for individuals depending on the severity of their misalignment and their age, amongst other factors, people should be prepared to wear their retainers on and off for at least a year. Discussion on the actual time frame should be opened up with a dentist for patients to understand what their personal situation is and what they are to expect.

Only through honest and candid conversation can both dentist and patient understand one another and what is expected of them both, in order to achieve success with this treatment. Because these aligners are removable, it is up to the individual to ensure they are wearing their aligners for the prescribed amount of time.

With care, both from dentists and through the strong online support for teeth straightening with removable devices, patients are able to ask the questions that help them to remain focussed and motivated throughout the treatment journey, so as to achieve those results they are hoping to have.

Whether the patient is a teenager or a working age adult, straightening teeth is a big undertaking and can be an emotional one. Dentists strive to ensure that the experience is positive and that at the end of the treatment, their patient can enjoy a healthier and more beautiful smile. Contact your oral health provider to talk about the options to make this a reality.

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